Hi guys, okay so we’re gonna do a really simple but delicious Lamb Kebab It’s a really lovely ritual to make a kebab you can marinade it the day before, but I want to show you the ones that I like to do which is when you go for a walk in the park or if you grow it yourself get a rosemary skewer right and what you have here is a fantastic, natural skewer and what I want you to do is get a knife and at a slight angle, like that and happy days Okay so let’s start with the marinade guys, this is gonna tenderize the meat, it’s also gonna flavour it let’s start with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, the juice of one lemon goes in I like to season it with a little salt and pepper herbs like bay leaf is really really nice, I just remove the little stalk like this and then these leaves, you pound those up there going to be amazing I want to put the rosemary in as well because we got the skewers I want to use a little bit of salt in there so its nice and abrasive and we’re gonna smash that up to pretty much a pulp It’s so nice, the smell is fantastic You have to have a pestle and mortar because this is what flavour is all about and it’s literally the oldest kitchen gadget on the planet and you don’t have to plug it in. Couple cloves of garlic So just lightly crush those and then that will start going a little bit more soggy, so that’s what it’s all about, that will absolutely make all the difference and transform this beautiful marinade We’ll mix this up I’m gonna put in some amazing spring lamb which is tender and delicious. They’re cut into inch chunks, this is enough for sort of 4 to 6 nice size kebabs. and at the same time I want to add some veggies. So I love you know just having some nice red onions to cut them into quarters and what will happen naturally they just break off into little petals that you can have any coloured peppers that you want. The lambs an inch then I’ll go about an inch on the peppers and then its gonna sit beautifully on the skewer. Got my little chili here just gonna remove the seeds, the hot part and I’ll just cut that into two. So some lucky person will get that the one thing I forgot as well which is from the garden which is really really nice is Oregano. When it flowers, cut it tie it in a knot, hang it up near a radiator or a window and you get this fantastic dried oregano We’re gonna give this a nice little massage up So once you’ve mixed that up guys, I would love to marinate that overnight It makes all the difference. I’m not going to do it today right it still tastes delicious but overnight makes all the difference, please do it. So let’s load up our wonderful little kebabs. Hand mix it up, so meat, onion. I don’t want to tightly pack it too much, I want the meat and the veggies to have access to equal heat and temperature So let’s just load these up Just a lovely, simple kebab Of course you can make it with chicken, pork, beef different veggies. Getting that on a plate is a beautiful thing So look I want something to put my kebab in and I want to do this lovely little flatbread For the dough recipe, click the i So here’s the very simple dough and just cut it up into 4 so we got our kebabs, we got our lovely little flatbreads, so we have our regular BBQ here and then I want to mix it up because I’m gonna use just a regular metal bowl. Put that on to the BBQ, that will get roasting hot very quickly and then what I want to do is just roll this out, you can roll this out sort of like a cm thick so because that metal bowl is quite thin it doesn’t take much time to heat up at all, and we are just going to lay that straight over like that. We are going to put our wonderful kebabs on So they will go straight on to the BBQ and we’ll really take care of those and love them So let’s have a little look at the bread. You don’t want to kind of rush it but it should just crack off. Look at that, it’s like a little bowl of heaven. So you can see how quick that was to cook I’ve just given it a little bit of heat on the other side Use rosemary’s also not just for skewers, but use it as a brush, and does it make a difference? It absolutely does make a difference, it really does. Look at that guys, it’s beautiful, and then of course you can put in some salads and then I like the red cabbage, it just feels so vivid and exciting. Some mint leaves are just little fragrant little surprises. So the yogurt there just laced with mint, so good Delicious We wistfully remove the skewer leaving you with the wonderful bowl of goodness that you can just roll up and squeeze and squeeze and then put in your mouth and enjoy absolutely delicious Now guys if you want to check out a whole load of my cooking utensils and products that I’ve been using in this video, please have a little look we got some amazing stuff. Click the i and have a little look at Jamie Oliver’s shop, It’s lovely.