Correction Singles (17) For Gabriel from Colombia-9 (move like butterfly or wave in the see side) When you move around the court you should be able to move like a wave in the see side you know the wave it has wave fast, slow, fast, slow so when your opponent is hitting you have to slow down and opponent make shot and then you accelerate watch this lets say you did net you have to go back to the base net ready back but sometimes you do the net move back and stopped and then opponent hit and then you have to restart so 70 to 90 percent of your movement is break down your movement is completely stopped and then you have to restart net ready stop and then move instead of moving like that you should hit ready…. you have to wait in the air when your opponent is hitting and then let him hit, in the air and he hits, you land go ok now Gabriel watch this, the first one his movement is stopped and then restarted like that like that one more sorry again one more next one is the right way wait in the air until opponent hits it you have to make that timing and then opponent hits you land and go that is crucially important that is very important for especially for you to be able to do it. Watch this smash hit wait bang Please be informed that Perry jumped bit too high to show the point I am making. compare stopped so that way you have to use more effort, more energy but still your movement will be slow because you stopped same the other way drop shot same drop same idea stop and move again drop and stop drop and stop and then move it should be this way further back go yeah wait in the air 1 2 3 wait in the air 1 2 3 hit 1 2 3 wait 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 hit ready 1 2 3 4