Oh, there we go. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Oh, we’re going to need a bigger bowl. We’re going to need a much bigger bowl. We’re going to need a huge bowl. That’s more like it. This is going to be the best carrot cake ever! I’ve still got it. Victory! The cake is ready to bake. Best out of three? Moo hoo hoo hoo. Well it looks like you two enjoyed yourselves. There it is madame, its ready to bake. It’s a weighty one! In we go mooo. That will be ready to eat after chime time. Now, let’s tidy this kitchen. Well done my little chime timers. The cake smells lovely. I can’t wait to eat it. You did both follow my recipe didn’t you? Yes, for a bit. Abandon kitchen! That cake is out of control.