Welcome back to Keep Calm and Bake. My name
is Caroline and I teach people how to cook on Youtube. This a very special episode because
we’re going to be making a Baked Alaska. Yes! [music] Stage number 1-make the ice cream dome. So
for that, I have got a Pyrex bowl and this bowl fits into the size of my cake tin, so
this is the, actually a little, that is a good point. See, that fits nicely onto the
cake tin, which I’m going to put the base in later, so find something that’s going to
fit. Big piece of cling film, and what you’re going to do is line the inside of your bowl
if you can, cling film is always a little bit tricky. Get it in there, alright. Now
I’m going to use three different ice creams because I want to have a nice layered effect
inside the Baked Alaska. So my first layer is going to be raspberry
sorbet. It has got a bit of a tang to it, I think this is a nice addition. In that goes
at the bottom of my bowl. And this is, it is a little bit soft, which is good because
you want to actually push it down into the bottom of the bowl and you are just going
to level it off so that you can put the next layer on. Vanilla in the middle, and do not
forget we have all the list of ingredients for you in the description box. Next layer
will be strawberry. Smooth off the top and I am going to add an
extra bit of cling film and this goes back into the freezer, preferably overnight or
for at least for a few hours because you want it to be really nice and hard and solid. So,
freezer. Now the base of the Baked Alaska is usually
a sponge cake and I have actually cheated a little bit, I have got a sponge cake baked
already. Sponge goes into the tin, so that kind of fits in perfectly and now all I need
to do is make the meringue. So I have got my egg whites, these are at room temperature
going into my big whisky thing. I am going to whisk the eggs whites until they become,
like big soft peaks. [sound of mixer] Once they are nice soft peaks like this, then
I will sprinkle the sugar in a little bit at a time whilst it is still going round and
that means you keep going until all the sugar is used up and you have got this lovely, thick
meringue. There you go, it is like soft like a big marshmallow now. Now we can assemble
everything together. So I am going to get my ice cream dome out of the freezer. It is exciting! There you go, that is nice
and firm. Now we want to get this out of the bowl. Now we are going to turn this upside
down onto your base before it all melts. So there you go, there is your ice cream dome,
now we need to cover, cover it with your meringue. Meringue, you are going to just go all the
way around the edges. I just used the back of the spoon to just
make some like, extra swirls, you can make it look very cool, just swirl it around. Once
you have got it looking as you like, it needs to go straight into your preheated oven and
not for long, so we are talking maybe 2-3 minutes. In we go. Ta-da! There is your Baked Alaska. If your
ice cream is really, really hard when it goes into the oven, you might want to leave this
for about 10 minutes, 5 to 10 minutes before you slice into it, but you have to judge how
soft your ice cream was. Now I am going to cut into it now because my ice was quite soft. And there you go, that is going to go down
that way. And the good thing about this dessert is that you just have to eat it quickly before
it all melts. So I am going to have a little taste. This is such a fun dessert to make.
Well I hope you all really enjoyed this Keep Calm and Bake series, I definitely had lots
of fun and I loved hearing from you all, so see you soon. Bye!