Hi guys, Delicious vegan snacks are not always easy
to find at the movies so I’m sharing some snack ideas for you to sneak in. Or just have
at your next living room movie night. These, as you can see, are strawberry chips.
Dehydrating strawberries concentrates their flavour, gives them a nice crispy crunch,
and makes eating a pound of vitamin rich strawberries that much more fun. Just take some washed and dried fresh strawberries
and slice them up thin. The thinner you make them, the faster they will dehydrate. But
the thicker slices give you a more satisfying crunch at the end. So anywhere between one
milimeter and three milimeters is good. For reference, three milimeters is about an eighth
inch. Now separate the pieces and place them on
a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Just three large strawberries covered this
entire sheet, but they shrink as they dry, so slice up more if you want more than just
a handful to eat. Bake them in your oven at the lowest possible
setting. My oven goes down to 170 degrees Farenheit which is 77 degrees Celsius. Leave
the oven cracked open to let the air circulate. If you don’t, the strawberries won’t dry out.
Is this kind of a waste of energy? Honestly, maybe. Do this on a chilly day to benefit
from the oven heat and give your furnace a bit of a break. Now, every thirty minutes, take your strawberries
out and turn them over. I started using chopsticks at first, but that was tedious so I just used
my fingers after. Put them back in the oven and keep taking them out every 30 minutes
to flip them over. As they shrink, you’ll have more room on the
sheet to add more strawberries. Just push the drier ones over and place fresh ones beside
them. You’ll find that some pieces get dry and crisp
sooner than others. Remove the crisp ones, place them in a dry bowl or other container
uncovered so they cool nicely. How long this takes will depend on your climate,
your oven temperature and how thickly or thinly you sliced the strawberries. All together, drying one pound of strawberries
took about three hours using two baking sheets. And there you have these lovely looking strawberry
chips for part one of this movie snack series. Enjoy their tangy strawberry goodness on their
own or add them to creamy desserts like banana ice cream. So what inspired this movie snack series?
Disco Nouvo, a subcriber who is very active in our YouTube community, has spearheaded
this campaign to spread the word about Cowspiracy, a intriguing environmental documentary that,
despite the name, is not really about cows. I watched it recently and was blown away.
I thought I knew a lot about greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of
animal agriculture but this documentary opened my eyes to so much more. Disco Nouvo has donated
5 copies of Cowspiracy for me to give away to you guys. So if you want to watch this
ground-breaking film for free, in the comfort of your home, leave a comment below telling
me what kinds of snacks you like to sneak into movies. Youtube has some funny rules
about giveaways so if you’re under 18 or just don’t want to comment with a Youtube account,
tweet me your answer along with with the hashtag #mooviesnacks with two O’s in movie and you’ll
be entered as well. See what I did there? heh heh I will be announcing the winner of this giveaway
next Saturday, March the 7th 2015 in a video so look out for that. The winners will be
contacted either through YouTube message or Direct Message on Twitter after the announcement. Thank you so much for watching this video.
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