– Am I being filmed? – I don’t think so. (laughs) Mrs. Maria. I know this is your first day, but could you please
stop spelling dirty words with the fridge magnets?
(Maria laughing) We asked your previous
job why you got fired, they said, “It’s complicated.” I don’t think it’s as
complicated as they say. (Maria laughs) Pretty straightforward. – [Maria] I worked for my brother. – Your brother speaks
lowly of you. (laughs) Okay, we’re gonna make cookies. – Yes. – Can we do the cookies
where I be your arms? – [Maria] Well they can’t see my head. – [Brandon] Oh. – [Maria] My cap-a is de-tated – That sounds like a sorority. We are de-capa-tated. – Okay. (laughs) Hi guys, we’re gonna be
making cookies today. We have Betty Crocker sugar cookies, so we’re gonna make cookies out of that because I was craving cake batter cookies, but we only have cake batter
batter, but, it’s fine. We’ll be fine. We also have– (box thudding) I’m sorry. (coughing) (sniffing) Okay. I’m sorry, you know, it’s
just one of those moments. Okay, we have icing. Mmm, really good. Mmm. – You, hi. (both laughing) I thought I was getting
onto you, but you know what, sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. – [Autumn] Mommy – What? I’ve just noticed, that there is a child here. Oh, you are indeed a sweet child. Don’t push my arm away
when I’m loving you. Check this out, sprinkles. Okay. What is this? – Wait, are we baking cut
out cookies or drop cookies? ‘Cause there’s an option. Yeah. – Can I open these eggs? We need three eggs? – We need one egg. – We need one egg? – Mhm. – Go ahead and crack that
egg into here, please. – Do you need help? (bowl ringing) – There you go; she’s got it. (speaking foreign language) (girl laughing) (sighs)
(speaking foreign language) (girl laughing) (speaking foreign language) – Hi. (speaking foreign language)
(laughing) – I copying you.
(bag crackling) – Let’s hear it. – Say that again. (Maria laughing) – (speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – Sprinkles. – (speaking foreign language) – Sprinkles. (bag crackling)
(Autumn laughing) – Soften.
– Nope, nope, nope. – Five minutes! Pour all of that. – Okay. – In there. – Lot, a bunch? – All of it. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – There you go. – (speaking foreign language) – We’re not putting the water in this one. – Ooh, look at him. – A bunch?
– A bunch. – [Maria] The whole thing. – [Brandon] All of it. Perfect. – Good job
– Now, whisk that until it’s done, thank you. – [Maria] Let’s go watch a movie. – Can I do this on the butter? – Yeah, hundred percent. – Did you wash your hands? – No, but I went to
the bathroom first, so. (laughs) – Wait, let me move this stool. – Did you wash your hands? I’m terrified of your silence. – Huh? – Did you wash your hands? – No. – Okay.
(Maria laughs) Continue mixing. What’s done is done. – Will you help me? – I would love to help you. I’ve been waiting for you to ask. (laughs) – [Maria] Go wash your hands. (glass tapping)
– You ever seen a professional baker at work? – No. Okay. (laughs) Oh my god, do you want to be like go– Yes! Just like in the movie Ghost. Except they were making pottery. – I didn’t watch that. – What? They were making pottery,
we’re making cookies. – I thought you were (laughs) I thought you wanted to be like the guy from Mortal Kombat (laughs)
who had four arms. You went for a romantic theme. – Yeah. – I went for fatality. – You did. – Finish the cookies. (laughs) (dough pounding) (hand slapping) – It’s how my mom makes tamales. – How does your mom make cookies? – What are you making? – It’s a house. – It’s a house, okay. This is a basketball. Did you not understand
what you were saying to yourself in Spanish? (gasping) – That’s the one thing. – (speaking foreign language) (both laughing) (hand smacking)
(laughing) This is how your mother makes tamales. Oh, I got one, I got a good one. No, look away. – A bowling pin? – No, you’ll never guess. – I’m gonna make a golf ball now. I’m gonna make a tennis ball. – Have you considered soccer? – This is a ping pong ball. A bowling ball. – [Brandon] Describe each one. – Okay, so, this is the Earth. This is the moon. – [Brandon] Uh huh. – This is a basketball. – [Brandon] Got it. – Golf ball.
– Right. – Tennis ball.
– Uh huh. – Ping ping ball.
– Yeah. – Bowling ball.
– Wow. – Goat poop, the little round ones. – [Brandon] Very unique. – Uranus, you made that one. – [Brandon] Yeah, I did. – You made the Uranus. This is Jupiter’s moon. That doesn’t look stupid. – [Brandon] Right. – This is the Sun. This is Venus. This is Mars. This is Pluto; he’s way over
here because he was disgraced. – [Brandon] Right. – [Maria] What’d you make? – Made a house.
– Mmhmm. – A precious stone.
– Uh huh. – [Maria] This is the (laughs). – [Brandon] This is the– (Maria laughing loudly) This is the nativity scene. – [Maria] (laughing) Oh my god. – [Brandon] The three wise-men. Frankincense, myrrh, coal. Not sure what, silver? I don’t remember what he’s carrying. (Maria laughing) Joseph. The woman. The bed of nails, her whatever, and the little baby Jesus. – [Maria] Hay. – [Brandon] Hay. And that’s Jesus, that’s
little baby Jesus right there. – [Maria] That’s beautiful. – [Brandon] Thank you. I also need to do this. Which one was the Sun? – [Maria] Oh, this one, the biggest one. – [Brandon] Oh, this is the Sun of God. (Maria laughing) You know what? – Yeah? – [Brandon] We should
have preheated our oven. – We’re preheating the oven
for Before Christ time. – (snickering) Since we
didn’t preheat our oven, now we have to wait 15 minutes B.C. – Slap it. (slapping) – A little game, shall we? (dough plopping) (clapping) Jordan! (dough plopping)
(laughing) You’re gonna do great. Were you looking at me or the cookies? – Sure. – [Brandon] Hot, hot,
hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. – It’s okay, the silver
melted onto the myrrh, and then the myrrh went
into the Frankenstein, so. – Oh no, you got your
Frankincense in my myrrh. (Maria laughing) – Can I decorate it? – [Brandon] Of course. – [Maria] She’s getting started. – [Brandon] No icing? – [Maria] Nope, just sprinkles. – I got too much. – [Brandon] Why won’t they stick? This one’s frankincense. – [Maria] What’s frankincense? – [Brandon] Red. – [Maria] Mary was a virgin, right? – So white?
– So white. What’s going on with Joseph? He was a carpenter. – Right.
– Yeah. – [Brandon] So wood shavings? – Yeah. – [Brandon] Baby Jesus. He’s the light of the world. – [Maria] Yeah. – [Brandon] Put little lights on him. – [Maria] Little lights. Are you gonna go eat that now? – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Girl] I gotta take a
picture of that cookie. – [Maria] Yeah. – [Brandon] ‘Kay, go show Kelly. – [Girl] I’ll show Kelly. – [Maria] Two-dimensional Earth. – Since it’s flat, so you mean Earth?