In today’s video I’ll show you how to make a super moist banana bread, it super moist and veru soft in texture You can serve it with cold coffee or hot, otherwise you can also serve it as it is if you want So let’s get started Here are a few ingredients I have taken, you may also see list of ingredients appearing on screen, I have used very ripe bananas ripe bananas give a great texture and a very nice aroma to the bread I have used fresh cream of Amul brand, as sour cream is not easily available here so using this one, if you have sour cream, you may use that one I have taken one cup of milk, butter and 4 large eggs at room temperature, do not use frozen eggs and butter along with I have taken caster sugar, you may use normal powdered sugar if you wish to, have taken one tablespoon of baking powder one tablespoon of vegetable oil, you may use any refined oil, and last ingredient is one teaspoon of baking soda so with the help of all these ingredients I’ll start making banana bread Here in a sieve I have taken 2 cups of all purpose flour in which I will add my baking soda and baking powder Now sift all the dry ingredients together After sifting all the dry ingredients, I will keep this aside , and in another pan, take butter and add caster sugar, mix it with a hand blender, do not blend at high speed blend until butter and sugar mixture turns little light and fluffy. now you can see that the mixture is little fluffy now we will keep it aside, in another pan take 4 eggs with yolks and whites together now blend these eggs until turn little fluffy, do not over beat in the eggs otherwise mixture will get into meringue kind of texture now the eggs are little fluffy now add half tablespoon of pure vanilla and blend a little now into eggs mixture, add in the mixture of butter and sugar which was prepared earlier after adding them together, mix it with blender for a while finally mixing is done, now butter, sugar and eggs mixture is ready and even keep aside, and in a bowl or pan, take bananas and mash them with the help of a whisk or spatula or with fork, do not use grinding machine aur immersion blender now bananas are done with mashing part, into butter, sugar and eggs mixture, add banana mash to that and mix with a wire whisk, do not use blender at this stage after mixing, add all purpose flour to this mixture in two batches, not all at once now add remaining part of flour and mix gently if you feel that your batter is thick so add a little of lukewarm water to it just to loosen it up a little but do not add cold water now the flour is mixed properly, now add oil, milk and fresh cream and mix it well with blender now batter is fully ready and I have preheated my oven @ 180 degree celsius for 10 mins Here I have taken a cake tin with removable bottom and greased that with some oil fianlly pour the batter in the tin , tap a little to remove the air bubbles and bake it @ 180 degree celsius for 30 minutes with the remaining batter you may prepare cup cakes or banana muffins, After 30 minutes, beautiful spongy banana bread is out from the oven let it cool for a while, afterwards take out from cake tin and cut into pieces and serve I have cut into pieces, as you can see in the video how fluffy and spongy this bread is, when I press it, it springs back Do try this at your home, share your experiences with me and if you like this recipe, do give it a like, share and subscribe to my channel JD’sKitchen