hi there and thanks for joining me for a video episode of healthytarian living on today’s episode I will be sharing with you how to make one of my favorite summer treats this being peanut butter banana ice cream or more correctly termed nice cream because it is completely dairy-free vegan and a whole plant food treat not only is this a delicious satisfying and rich creamy experience of a treat but it is also such an easy quick and healthy way to have an ice cream experience and so as long as you have fresh or frozen bananas on hand and some organic peanut butter you are good to go and if you want to get a little fancy and add some chocolate to it we’ll talk about that at the end of the video as you can see with such simple ingredients all you’re really eating is some fruit and not or more specifically a legume as peanuts are and in this way you are getting your healthy carbohydrates your healthy fats your healthy protein as well as a bunch of different vitamins and minerals antioxidants phytonutrients while again having a great satisfying and delicious flavor experience so normally when you would be making these type of nice creams you would need or most benefit from a Vitamix but the best part about this particular combination of ingredients is that you don’t even need that so if you don’t have a high-powered commercial-grade blender like the Vitamix which is specifically designed to create frozen treats and all kinds of nice cream out of ingredients are simple as frozen fruits no problem because as part of this video I will be sharing with you two ways that you can make this one which gives you instantaneous ice cream experience and that’s if you have a Vitamix and the second is if you don’t have that with just the most simple tools namely a bowl and a fork let’s proceed then with a demo of how to make this treat so if you do have a Vitamix and are going to be using that then you want to start with frozen banana in terms of quantities you are looking at at least one but on average if you want a really good quantity to frozen bananas or their equivalents the way I freeze my bananas is I just buy a lot of ripe bananas and then cut them up into cylinders that are about this thick or so and this freezes really well for me then I just kind of wedge them out with a fork and place them into the blender now just to give you a gauge about 12 pieces of such frozen banana cylinders will make up one banana but at this point and even as you’ll find quickly yourself you don’t even need to measure or count anything you just kind of gauge how much you’d like to eat and put that into your blender with regards to your peanut butter you’re going for about one tablespoon of peanut butter per serving and your peanut butter scoop can be you know on the small side it can be on the larger side just like your bananas they can be smaller they can be bigger you can’t get it wrong you’re either just going to have it richer creamier more peanut butter flavored or just slightly less so and so go ahead place these two ingredients into your blender once you’ve got your ingredients in your Vitamix make sure that you have your temper available and turn the Vitamix on and on to full power begin to mix your ingredients with the temper while the Vitamix is on high power so that everything gets blended and mixed around thoroughly the Vitamix really lets you know easily when your product is all finished using the help of a spatula scoop out all of your ice cream contents into the appropriate bolts and you are ready to enjoy and so here is our final product and as you can see it has a wonderful consistency beautiful creamy texture and of course so delicious but you’ll have to try it yourself to know what I’m talking about a Vitamix blender as I shared no problem you will just need to start with fresh bananas instead of frozen ones and so grab 1 to 2 bananas per serving and about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter start by peeling your bananas next cut your bananas into some kind of a bowl or dish that has enough of a bottom horizontal space for you to mash comfortably next with a fork start to mash those bananas mash them down so that they feel pretty much uniform in consistency then add in your peanut butter and mash or stir around thoroughly until both of the ingredients are well mixed together at this point simply place your dish or Bowl into the freezer and give it about 2 to 4 hours to set the time will simply depend on the temperature setting of your freezer and how firm or soft you would like your ice cream to be if you over freeze you might just need to give it a few minutes of time to thaw out just enough so that you can start to enjoy it comfortably and so as I shared with you this is why this is one of my favorite nice cream treats because it’s so easy and so versatile when I’m at home and have access to my Vitamix then I make it instantly but when I’m traveling away and don’t have a Vitamix I know I can still depend on this ice cream to make such a wonderful and satisfying ice cream experience now if you do have peanut allergies you can experiment with a different nut butter such as almond butter it will obviously have a different flavor but it will be delicious in its own way if you have a nut allergy altogether then I would recommend going to a sea butter like sunflower seed butter and again it will have a very different flavor experience but see if it works for you or experiment with yet another butter of your choice finally if you want that chocolate experience all you need to have is some raw cacao powder or some raw cacao paste basically some kind of a pure cacao product that you can easily stir into this mix and so whether you are using your Vitamix or if you’re doing this just with the fork in the bowl you can easily get a chocolate experience as well and so I hope you enjoy this recipe this treat and share it around also with others because most people really don’t realize how easy it can be to have really the best type of ice cream experience that is Critch and creamy and so delicious so satisfying and it really all just depends on having some frozen fruit namely those bananas enjoy your creations and I will see you on another healthy terian episode you