Banana ans Walnut Bread Muffins Take 5239 Action. Hi guys welcome back to my channel I love the combination of bananas and walnuts and adding salted caramel to that just makes it absolutely amazing to me To make this we need 2 eggs, chopped walnuts, we need ripe bananas, I used 6 medium ripe bananas, flour, baking soda and baking powder cubed butter, cinnamon, milk and vanilla essence So now I´m going to add my unsalted butter to my stand mixer I’m just going to cream
that until I’m happy with the consistency until it’s light
and fluffy and then I’m going to add my sugar and continue to cream it until the mixture is well combined and once again until it’s light and fluffy And I´m going to preheat my oven to 175ºC that is 390ºF (sorry! 350ºF) now I´m going to add my mashed banana. Just make sure you mashed it before with a fork now I´ve added my dry ingredients but before that I had my egg and my vanilla once your flour and your baking soda and baking powder is combined you can add your two tablespoons of milk that´s it I’m happy with that. Don´t overmix
your mixture and now I´m going to add my chopped walnuts and I´m going to use my spatula just to combine it, that´s it and then I’m going to prepare my muffin tins with some pre-melted butter scoop the batter into my muffin tin with my ice cream scoop and now
it’s going to bake for around 25 minutes I’m using a large muffin pan so that´s the reason why it takes 25 minutes if you use a smaller pan it will take around 20 to 22 minutes now I´m adding my salted caramel to my cream cheese, little bit of salt and I also
added a dash of vanilla essence and just with my balloon
whisk I’m just mixing the ingredients together. My muffins have baked now it’s time to do the
test to see if the stick comes out clean. I’m happy with the
result and now basically I´ve left it in the tin to
cool for about five minutes I´m just removing the edges with my palette knife and I´m going to let them cool completely before I frost them with the salted caramel and
cheese icing as a child growing up one of my fondest memories when opening my lunch tin at school was to find that my mother packed some banana bread for us So now I´m just frosting my banana and walnut muffins adding some chopped walnuts on top of
that and finally I´m going to drizzle some of this beautiful salted caramel sauce on the top and now you muffins are ready to
be eaten I know you guys are going to love this recipe my family loved this recipe and I really hope that you´ll try this recipe out at home A huge thank you to everyone that has subscribed to my channel and watched my videos I thank you guys so much! You guys rock! and I hope you guys will continue to like the recipes and videos that I put up on my channel In the next couple of weeks I´m going to share some Christmas crafts, that you guys can make at home with your children or with friend or with your family or even give out as gifts. So stay tuned for that series If you haven´t subscribed to my channel please do so and I promise to keep you entertained
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