Anubhav: For this culinary journey in the month of Ramzan we have arrived at Zakir Nagar. Presently we are at Zaved Bhai’s
famous Nahari shop.
Today we will have Iftar here First lets check out what all things are available here for Iftari. Come along with us. Anubhav: This is a different taste during Iftar. Its the Chole.
Where are you from? Seller: Darbhanga district in Bihar.
Anubhav: From Bihar! Anubhav: But there we call it Ghugni Seller: But here we call it Chole. Anubhav: There we call it Ghugni right?
Seller: Yes. Anubhav: Here we call it Chole. Its basically Kala Channa cooked in Masala. There we have it with Chura (flattened rice) or with Muri i.e. puffed rice. Here they have it just like that. So its a different food habit that people from Bihar like the most Its called Ghugni or Kala Channa and also Chole Anubhav: What all are available here? Are you making Keema Samosas here? Seller: Yes, Keema Samosa. Anubhav: Jalebi, Emarti, Meetha Samosa What do you stuff inside these? Seller: It has shredded coconut and Khoya( milk solids). Anubhav: Coconut and Khoya goes into the stuffing. Is it prepared only during Ramzan?
Or it is available all throughout the year. Seller: Only during Ramzan.
Anubhav: And meetha samosa? Seller: Its available all the time. Anubhav: Pack two pieces of Keema samosa and two pieces of Meetha Samosa Anubhav: How much is the Keema Goli for? Seller: 50 rupees for 250 grams Anubhav: Then please pack 100 grams for us. Anubhav: This stall comes up only
during Ramzan. Here you can try the Keema Goli and Pakode. Anubhav: So we have bought quite a few things for Iftar. Lets go inside Zaved Bhai’s shop. Anubhav: Greetings!
Mehtab: Welcome sir! Anubhav: We have come to your place for Iftar. Mehtab: Many many thanks for joining us for Iftar.
Anubhav: Thank You. The Iftar is about to begin. Meanwhile tell us how old is this shop? Mehtab: We are here for the past twenty five years.
Anubhav: Twenty Five years! And its said that in the beginning the shop was at Bara Hindu Rao. Mehtab: Earlier we used to stay at Bara but then we came here. Anubhav: Okay And is the Nahari available twice a day-morning or evening? Mehtab: No, only
in the evening. Anubhav: Only in the evening. Mehtab: But during Ramzan, its available all through the night. Anubhav: Okay so from the evening till Sheri in the morning. Anubhav: At most of the places, people add butter on the top of Nahari but here they add Desi Ghee (clarified butter). This is a unique thing about this shop. Anubhav: And we also have bought a few things for the Iftar. Some more pakode keema goli is there Its a Ramzan speciality, right? Keema Samosas these are Meethe Samosas Anubhav: What are these?
Mehtab: This is bread. Anubhav: Its having Malai on top.
Mehtab: Yes Anubhav: Wow! and its soaked in sugar syrup. Anubhav: Hmm. Very nice. the bread has been fried and dunked in sugar syrup. and topped with some Malai (cream)and coconut. Mehtab:Yes Anubhav: This is a special thing I saw, the Chole or the Kala channa and Ishad who was selling it told me that its available only during Ramzan.
Mehtab: Yes its available only during Ramzan. Anubhav: And this Keema Samosa is also a Ramzan speciality. It looks like a Gujia. Mehtab: Its known as the Gujia Samosa Anubhav: So it’s full of masalas onions green chillies masala, everything is there. Spicy but very flavourful Mehtab: Have this. Anubhav: This is Keema Goli. Anubhav: Its only available during Ramzan. Anubhav: What do you call it here? Mehtab: I guess here we call it kachri Anubhav: So its kachri. we called it Phofi during my childhood, I remember sticking it on to our fingers and eating. Now that time is over and its not available everywhere. But during Ramzan, I have seen people enjoying it. This is completely soaked in sugar syrup. Hmm! Coconut and Khoya. Though I enjoyed them all but i liked this sweet bread the most. which is dipped in sugar syrup its soft yet crisp on the sides. Anubhav: So our Nahari has arrived. It has Nalli Nahari Rogan, ginger, green chilies and lots of Ghee So you were telling me that during Ramzan, from Iftar in the evening till sehri in the morning the shop is open. for the whole night. Have you yourself named it as Javed Ki Famous? Did you add the word famous? or it was there since the beginning.
Mehtab: No we ourselves named it Javed Ki Famous Nahari because people loved our Nahari complimented us for the Nahari so we named it Javed’s famous Nahari. Anubhav: So you yourself added the term ”famous” and it eventually became famous too. and the named happened.
Here comes our Khameeri roti So let’s taste javed Bhai’s famous Nahari wow the meat pieces are so soft. I like khameeri roti so much that the Roti itself tastes wonderful Too fresh. What’s this
Mehtab: Kheer Anubhav: Nawabi Kheer. Is this a new addition?
Mehtab: Yes. Mehtab: Please tell us how is the taste? It has a subtle flavour. which you will realise after eating. a different taste.
Anubhav: The most significant thing is that, the meat Is just perfectly cooked. very soft pieces and the rogan has an altogether different flavour. Though Nahari is a breakfast dish. In recent times in Delhi and all other places
its available in the evening as well. And during festivals
like Ramzan You get it throughout the night. Let’s take little more rogan. Anubhav: Tell me one thing how did the idea of adding Ghee into the Nahari came up? Mehtab: See since the beginning we had this thing in mind that if we add Ghee it will taste better. Anubhav: Yes the taste enhances. Mehtab: It enhances manifold times. Anubhav: Adding ghee to anything doubles its taste. We are getting a nice flavour of the Ghee. I personally like to have Nahari in the winters when its freezing outside and in the morning you have the fresh and hot Khameeri roti Mehtab: Yes its a morning dish only but people have made it a fashion to have it all through the day. Anubhav: Now a days its available at numerous restaurants It is said that the the working class people used to have this dish Its was so nutritious and filling that they could work for the whole day
after having it for breakfast. Slowly it has become so popular that at some places its available all throughout the day and at some places, its available in the evening and also at night. So the availability timings are different at different places. The most important thing that I have observed about Nahari is that all the Nahari walas in Delhi have different timings. at someplace you will get it from 6 to 8 AM. Here you get it from 6 AM to 9 AM Somewhere it is served in the afternoon So different places have different timings for serving Nahari Mehtab: Yes Anubhav: (Jokingly) Do you all co ordinate the timings among each other? like I will open at this hour when would you open? All these. Mehtab: (Laughing) No nothing like that happens. Everyone have come up with their own timings. Anubhav: Oh wow! It seems like a Rabri. It feels as if we are having Rabri. It has been cooked for a long time. The rice and milk together. and we are getting a nice flavour of cardamom Anubhav: Thank you Mehtab Bhai. It was such a pleasure to have Iftar with you. we had such delicious Nahari with Khameeri roti and we are ending the feast with the Nawabi Kheer. Now we would like to check out your kitchen, where Nahari is prepared. Anubhav: There is so much heat here. How do people work? Mehtab: We all are habituated to work in such conditions. Anubhav: The heat is really hitting you hard. Inside this we have the Nahari. Is this ready? Mehtab: Yes Anubhav: How long did it take to cook? Mehtab: It took 8 hours. Anubhav: How much meat is in there? Mehtab: Presently, in this we have 100 kilos of meat Mehtab: We have started the preparation since morning. but it just now that this Nahari has got ready for Ramzan and Sehri. For Sehri we will serve it fresh and hot along with Khameeri Roti. Anubhav: I have never seen such a huge Degh of Nahari anywhere else. This Degh has 100 kilos of meat in it. And this will be served for Sehri in the morning. Anubhav: Thank you Mehtab Bhai.
Mehtab: Welcome. Anubhav: Will meet again?
Mehtab: Sure Will meet again next Ramzan. Anubhav: Greetings Chachajan (Uncle)! Chacha: Welcome
Anubhav: How are you? Chacha: All good. Anubhav: Please give us some Sherbet. There is a scarcity of Roohafza right. Chacha: Yes the supply is short. Wow, a sip of this sherbet and it felt like instant refreshment. Chacha: Nobody has made better Sherbat than Haamdard. we have started with Hamdard at Okhla we were the first one to start ten years back. Anubhav: Its been ten years since you have started selling sherbet! Chacha: Earlier no sherbet was being sold in this area. today by Allah’s grace 50 people are selling it. Anubhav: You sell this in summers, then what you do in winters? Chacha: During winters we sell chicken soup. Anubhav: From what time till what time are you open? Chacha: During Roza we start at 5pm and are open till 4 in the morning then we go off to sleep then say our prayers, observe Roza and again start in the evening Anubhav: Very nice this roohafza is amazing. First they have added lemon, then sugar and finally roohafza so you have prepared it beforehand. Chacha: We dissolve sugar in this solution and keep it ready and here in these glasses we have added the roohafza separately Anubhav: Ohh! You have put roohafza in the glasses. so how do we get this red colour. Chacha: We add rose water to it. Anubhav: okay Anubhav: Hello Shafiq bhai! Shafiq: Hello. Shafiq: Sir please try these too.
Anubhav: Sure. Anubhav: So we are waiting for the kebabs, Chicken Seekh kebab. Butter Chicken tikka has arrived and we have the Roomali roti. So here comes our kebabs the kebabs have cream on it come let’s first taste the butter chicken tikka He was absolutely right that on adding the mint chutney we will get a nice flavour. Wow. Anubhav: Shafiq Bhai absolutely brilliant
Shafiq: Okay Anubhav: If we talk about the flavours of butter chicken tikka , its quite outstanding there is a slight sourness from the curd and it also has a very nice flavour from the carom seeds the pudina chutney is adding to the flavours and if you have it with Roomali roti then the taste of butter chicken doesn’t gets overpowered by the bread. In fact this dish i. e the butter chicken tikka goes well with roomali roti. If you try it with Khameeri you wont enjoy it that much The taste of butter chicken tikka varies from place to place. At some places they use Amul butter here Shafiq bhai uses Nutralite its slightly more more salty and it has a different taste in comparison to Amul butter. wow the kebabs are equally amazing. the actual way of eating a kebab put a kebab on a roomali roti, some sliced onions roll it up and eat Anubhav: Shafiq Bhai the best part of your shop is the pricing, its very economical. one seekh for 40 rupees and roomali roti is for rupees 10 For 50 rupees one can have his stomach full amazing I really like these tikkis. The Kasuri Meethi and Ajwain flavours in it It was just awesome thank you Plate a leg piece for us this batter is used marinade the chicken before being fried it has besan, eggs, curd cream, masala, chillies and finally the chicken is added and its deep fried once and next when the order comes
its deep fried again you might call it double fried chicken Anubhav: How old is this shop?
Owner: 14-15 years Is it here right from the beginning?
or earlier it was somewhere else. Anubhav: Do you have only fried chicken. Owner: Fried chicken and only fish fry Owner: Fish fry is available during winters Anubhav: The covering is quite crisp and we were being told that besan, curd, egg, cream
Owner: All these are is used for the batter and when order comes, its fried for the second time Anubhav: and then it is cut into pieces and masalas are added before serving Anubhav: this chutney is of coriander and what else
owner: It has Coriander, mint ginger, garlic, jeera powder jaiphal, javitri everything is blended together Anubhav: so all the masalas are your own
Owner: yes! when I was young like 10 12 years, i used to work in dhabas cooked food there, so this work is our family tradition slowly and steadily I learnt from my father I went to Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel and worked there I had this dream of owning a hotel even if it is small and where ever it might be it should be our own Anubhav: the taste is awesome its crispy fried chicken with chat masala sprinkled on the top the layering is very crisp and it has been properly deep fried in fact twice to ensure that it is perfectly done Anubhav: And in which oil is it fried? Owner: it is fried in groundnut oil. the one that Haldiram and other big names use to fry their Namkeens we use that oil Anubhav: we really enjoyed it. the chicken is perfectly cooked its deep fried, crispy and very enjoyable Thanks for speaking to us. Anubhav: Brother, can we get a Daleem biryani?
Seller: oh yes. Anubhav: give us a plate. Anubhav: what is this masala which you have added on the top
Seller: Its the chat masala Anubhav: you have added onions and chutney. what is this chutney made off? Seller: chutney is made up of tomatoes
Anubhav: Tomatoes and onions Anubhav: Why do we call it Daleem? and not Haleem is it because there is more dal in it
Seller: no Actually, haleem is one of the name of our Allah hence we call it Daleem. Anubhav: that’s why we call it Daleem Anubhav: the pickle here is very strong. when you eat it, the first flavour that hits you is that of pickle this daleem is cooked from different dals broken wheat everything is combined together and is cooked with meat and it is then it is stirred for a long time then maslas are added
sellers: chilies and all Anubhav: right. and finally its left on dum (for slow cooking) this is how daleem is prepared. the best way to enjoy it is with biryani though many people have it with roti too. the chutney is amazing very nice so this is the taste of Zakir Nagar this plate is just for rupees 30 very economical. for thirty bucks you have the chicken pieces, rice and daleem and all of these are plated together very nice Anubhav: Give us a plate of kebab so we added some lemon juice very nice kebabs my mentor Rahul Verma frequently visited your shop very tasty on eating this you can feel the meat in it as it doesn’t melt in mouth its very juicy and outstanding crisp from outside and soft inside If you come to Zakir Nagar you shouldn’t miss this shop Talib bhai kebab shop it opens in the evening and till 10 pm at night the kebabs are available Anubhav: give me two kebabs and a paratha I feel that Zakir Nagar’s cuisine is quite different you wont get Galawati kebab in Purani Dilli Fellow customer: the taste is slightly different but unique Anubhav: the best part is the food here is very reasonable compared to old Delhi area now we are trying the galawati kebab and ulte tawe ka paratha . I am coming after a long time the kebab the galawati kebab means melt in mouth so these are made like that we have a chicken kebab and ulte tawa ka paratha there is a nice flavour of kewra this is aloo katli its sounds like kaju katli diced potatoes fried with haldi and masalas only haldi salt very little masala its fried in oil it has a homely taste in fact i was telling them that I enjoyed aloo katli more than the kebab sir one falooda and sahi kheer this is famous rabri falooda the first flavour that hits is that of rose of roohafza very refreshing chilled rabri with falooda its kheer and there is rabri on top of it and its is served in this earthenware wow sir it is so awesome your kheer is outstanding with this our culinary journey across Zakir Nagar comes to an end we tried so many thing here. we saw what all are are available for Iftar we tried Javed’s Nahari, sharbet, gul bahar ka fried chicken ate Talibs kebab then ate Lucknowi Galawati, the ate Shahi kheer and rabri and how can we forget that we tried the butter chicken tikka and are finally ending with a pan very nice