When I’m having company stay this time of year I like to have a homemade breakfast ready to go that’s super simple That way I can spend more time with my guests My solution is a Berry Breakfast Bake with a mason jar blackberry maple syrup It’s so delicious. You’re going to love it OK, so here’s what you’re going to do; Get a 9” X 13” baking dish and spray it lightly with non-stick cooking spray and then what I did is cubed up a French bread loaf OK, so we got that and we’re going to let it hang out while we get our custard mixture together So in this bowl I have 6 egg whites and then 4 eggs OK, so next we add 1 and ¾ cup vanilla almond milk So then we’re going to whisk in a tablespoon of honey then a teaspoon of vanilla Pure vanilla extract… Then about a teaspoon too…of cinnamon So that’s just one, one and one! 1-tablespoon honey, a teaspoon vanilla and a teaspoon cinnamon And then I like to add a little salt Now this isn’t going to make it taste salty What salt does is it just brings out the flavor of every element in the dish So it’s a really important point; don’t skip the salt OK, so whisk that together and now we’re going to pour it over our bread cubes And you can adjust this recipe depending on how many people you are feeding And then I kind of take the whisk and press it all down in So we just cover it with Reynolds Wrap And then into the refrigerator it goes and it’ll be waiting for us in the morning Good morning! Our Berry Breakfast Bake has been setting in the fridge overnight which means we can take it straight out of the fridge and pop it right in the oven. That’s the best part about this recipe just leave the Reynolds Wrap on This is the first thing I like to do after I make a really large pot of coffee And I already preheated the oven to 350 degrees So we’ll let the bake sit in there for 30 minutes and then after that we’re going to top it with some fresh berries and some brown sugar Now that our Berry Bake is out of the oven, it’s time for the fun part So I like to take a full container of mixed berries from the Fresh Cuts Section straight from the container right on to the French bread that’s already been toasted Then we’re going to put it back in for another 20 minutes That way it gives a chance for all the berries to get hot and the top to get toasted Then the final thing we do is sprinkle on a little brown sugar… natural butter spread crumble on top All right, now we don’t put anymore top on it It just goes right back into the oven just like this So just a minute before our Breakfast Bake comes out of the oven I like to make what I call a mason jar maple syrup to go with it I just take about a handful of fresh blackberries Take a fork a just smash them And the berries are going to add a little bit of a tart flavor to the maple syrup So then you just pour in about a cup or a little bit more straight into the mason jar and then I like to put it in the microwave for about a minute that way it gets all hot and it’s ready to go with our Berry Breakfast Bake Take a look at this! Doesn’t it look delicious? The final thing I like to do is just dust it with a little bit of powdered sugar Oh, this looks amazing! OK, let’s serve it up! Oh, look at this… It’s so beautiful. That’s what I love about this recipe. It’s gorgeous then we’re going to drizzle on some of that mason jar maple syrup on top Its been warmed, looks delicious All right! There you have it! This is one of my family’s favorite traditions and I hope it becomes a whole new tradition for your family as well For this recipe and many more, visit albertsons.com