chef buck here and today we’re
gonna cook up some cod gonna throw it together
bake it in the oven in no time at all lickety-split super flavorful… Cod doesn’t have a lot of personality so this recipe
gives it a little oommph! plus it’s baked in the oven …I’d say semi
healthy except we’re gonna put a lot of tartar sauce on there but anyway I’m hungry so let’s get to it
… I got a couple of cod fillets right here and I’m going to go ahead and just
put a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper and I’ll set these aside
and come back to these I’m going to make some tartar sauce ….I just got a couple of fillets today so I’m not gonna
need a lot of tartar sauce a bit of mayonnaise and I got a
sploosh of Dijon mustard now I’m gonna add pickles ….CG bought these
Famous Dave’s ….man these things are hotter than hell and if you don’t want
to add pickles or relish you could just put some fresh lemon juice and lemon
zest in with your mayonnaise but these chopped up pickles are gonna add
nice heat and tang and this might be more pickles than you would want to use
but I actually like my tartar sauce a little bit on the pickley tart side …some fresh chopped dill I probably got about a tablespoon right
here and I’m gonna put half of that in with my tartar sauce save the rest of it
put me in a little bit of salt a bit of pepper and I’m gonna add a little bit of
the pickling solution in here as well now we’ll just get him mixed up all
right now give it a little taste test taste alrighty to me I love pickles this
is gonna help to make the dish creamy and delicious
boom I’m gonna melt some butter up here in a pan adding melted
butter to a panko gives it a lot of flavor and I’m using panko bread crumbs I could just stir them around in your
skillet it’ll soak that butter right up it’s gonna add a nice flavor to our fish
I’m going to take the remainder of my fresh dill mix it in here with the
breadcrumbs and a little more salt and pepper I’m gonna go ahead and throw a
dash of paprika in here as well just because I always feel like I gotta
be adding something that’s optional I’ll just get everything mixed up and we’re
not going to bread our fish with this we’re just going to use this kind of
like as a topping on the fish it’s actually
a lot easier than the hassle of breading a fish but it’ll give you just as much
flavor so I’m gonna go ahead and get a little baking pan it’s not feeling lazy
I’m gonna use some oil tonight make my cleanup a little bit easier you’re gonna
give this a light spray with some oil then I got some chopped onions and I’m
gonna spread these out on the pan and these onions are gonna lift my fish up a
little bit off the pan and they’re gonna be very flavorful to eat afterwards I
just lay my fillets on top of my onions let me go ahead and give a little spray
around over the onions that are exposed you know ideally you want to have fish
all over the onions but I’m not making that much fish tonight so I got more
onion than fish but that’s all righty now I’m going to take my tartar sauce
solution here my creamy mayonnaisey pickley sauce and spread it all over the
fish nice and thick cuz this is gonna add a lot of flavor and creaminess and
this how I like it…. you could put a little less if you want but I tell
you man it’s just so tasty so get you a nice heaping layer of sauce on there and
then we’re going to take our bread crumbs and just totally cover up our
fish fillets put it all over that saucy topping like the sauce I like to put a
lot of bread crumb right here too because like I said cod isn’t that
exciting of fish so the more sauce and bread crumbs we have on here the more
flavor you’re going to have and you know if you’ve got some nice
meaty fillets it’s going to turn this into a very filling and flavorful
dish then I’m going to go ahead and push these up bread crumbs down into the
sauce a little bit so now our cod fillets we got them piled up on top of
these onions and heaped under this thick sauce and bread crumb layer now we’re
just gonna slide it in the oven slide it in here
and let it cook away until the bread crumbs are nice and toasty all right I
think it’s been cooking long enough got a nice Brown crispy topping on there
onions are cooked up enough I’ll go ahead and let it cool down for a second
before we fool with it all righty so there we have it some SuperDuper
flavorful cod a little bit of beans and greens nice steaming hot awful creamy
nice little breading crunchy breading topping on there it’s just so yummy nice
and flaky you know depending on the size of your fish you know that’s gonna
affect how long it’s gonna take to cook but usually you know this kind of fish
comes up pretty quick so you know just let the breadcrumbs go as long as you
can you know to get a nice golden color on there and that butter really helps to
but the butter is optional you don’t have to put a butter in there with the
breadcrumbs but this works with all kinds of white fish got a nice and hot
and steamy dreamy that is so creamy you don’t need any more tartar
sauce you know I put plenty of sauce on there so that’s all you need…
that little bit of onion under there they’re cooked just enough and they add a nice little bit of crunchiness to the fish dish but
definitely go ahead and give this recipe a try
mmm mmm it’s a super delicioso flavorful… …easy way to use a cheap fish like cod or
tilapia plain-jane white fish I have a link down below you can go to MyFoodChannel dot com to print all our recipes I appreciate you subscribing and
watching the videos thanks for liking them and sharing them around and we’ll
see in the future