Today, our Delhi boys are at Old Delhi to celebrate Eid! After the golgappa challenge, today they’ve got a whole new challenge! Today the challenge is at Delhi 6’s famous Aslam Chicken Will they be able to finish it? Who will win this time? And who will lose? So watch on! And yes, Eid Mubarak! What is this bro? It looks delicious! It’s ‘Pyaar Mohabbat Maza’ Sharbat! I’d like to try this! Enjoying? Now I get it why it is called this! This stupid person is roaming here and there in the market… …I am not going to lose today’s challenge anyhow! But I am tensed because I’ve already lost the last two challenges This time I’ll surely win! What challenge? Obviously I am going to win today! I’ll win even after eating this! I haven’t eaten anything since morning… …I have even started working out, you guys might see some changes in sometime! So, let’s see! Let’s go! Where’s Abhishek? He always gets lost in the crowd… …where is he now? Abhishek! Where is he? Where will I find him in so much crowd? Abhishek! Do you know where’s Abhishek? I am sure Abhishek is scared of today’s challenge! Here he is! Abhishek! Eating in a normal manner? Bro, we always have to eat food under pressure and in so much quantity! Hello guys! Your favorite boys… …Rohit and Abhishek are today in Delhi 6… …Old Delhi, with new clothes & a new challenge! And what are eating today? Butter Chicken? Bro, it’s not butter chicken, it’s butter with chicken! Where is Rohit now? Bro, what are you doing here? Where are you roaming? I was looking out for you Am I mad waiting here for you? Is this the way? Let’s go! Why do I feel like someone is following us? So guys! We’re finally at Aslam’s terrace And we can see the entire Jama Masjid from here! And this is the first time I’m on the terrace in Delhi 6! It’s amazing! So, our challenge for today is Aslam’s famous butter chicken! And today we’ll see that who can eat more It’s very tasty but… …there’s too much if butter in it! Which makes it difficult I saw bowls filled with butter… …so I am little scared! Tell them something about last time’s punishment Don’t ask again & again, dude! It has become a habit now! I’m trying to forget it but he keeps reminding me! Our director has started giving us such tough punishments… …I swear, he’s laughing at us right now! We don’t know what is the punishment for today’s challenge! Tell us! He’ll tell us at the time of challenge! We’re hoping that today’s punishment is sensible Cute and sweet… …they’ve told us that today’s punishment is cute and sweet You never know Abhishek might get to wear Indian traditional dresses You’ll wear that today, bro! Let’s go then! Let’s do the challenge then, come on! We’re making a video here today & they’re already watching our previous video Shashank from Served is becoming famous day by day! Let’s meet the owner of Aslam Chicken… Hello Arbaaz, I am Abhishek and this is Rohit! How are you? Very good! First of all, show us your biceps please! This is all butter and chicken… …no, no this is not just butter and chicken for sure! So, basically butter chicken and Aslam’s butter chicken are two different things in Delhi Absolutely right, we use original butter Amul butter in this! Their gravy is red because they use tomatoes & other things as well So, that is all fake… …this is original, where you can see butter all over! Arbaaz bro tell us one thing, how much butter do you use… …in a whole day and in 1 kg chicken? 1 kg means a full plate We use at least 250 grams of butter Oh my god! Bro, that’s a lot of butter! Bro, who ate the maximum amount of chicken here? Yes, there’s wrestler in the neighborhood… …he ate 4 kg chicken in one go! So, you know why we’re here today? Why? Our today’s challenge is that we’ll have one full plate of butter chicken each… …and we’ll see who can eat more of it! And the person who’ll lose will get a punishment! And our punishments are really bad! Let’s start the challenge then! I am very hungry now! Let’s dip in butter! This is 1 kg chicken with around 300 grams of butter… …and it has 25 types of spices in it! And I am aware of only one spice which is chaat masala! Let’s start the challenge then! Wait! What is today’s punishment? I’ll not do punishment today! What is the punishment? Today’s punishment is that… …whoever loses will give a massage to any random person… …and the person who’ll win will pick the random person from the public! Dude, the food is really tasty! Seriously their spices are very different! You must try this once at least! Feels like home food to me as my grandmother puts this much butter in food! That’s why you’re fat! No ghee, no butter for him! Are you meeting Savita bhabhi then? Dude, Savita bhabhi… Who is murabba? One Savita bhabhi is commenting on our videos… …and she has called one of us her murabba! She said this to you I guess… …bro, I am not sure! You guys gave such difficult punishment suggestions that… …our director is like – Rohit and Abhishek are gone now! Tell us your favorite punishment in the comment section below! Remove the extra butter first and then eat it! Dude, I am regretting my decision of eating corn and that sharbat earlier! Chaahat Mohabbat? I shouldn’t have had that Bro, will you be able to finish it? I am eating it! Half plate more for each of us! Finish! You’re really charged up today, right? Now suffer! This is our second bowl of chicken… …the challenge is getting tough now! I’ll finish it today! Finally, I won this challenge! I was in a doubt… …we both had 2 kgs of chicken Just a few grams is left in this None of us gave up! The time got over! Our cruel director came up with this new scheme today… …of having a time limit! None of us gave up! Abhishek lost only because of time limit! So, let’s kill it then! Our hands are buttery! Even the winner got the punishment now! Our punishment was that the person who’ll lose the challenge… …will give a butter massage to any random person here But neither people agreed to do it… …nor did Abhishek! Bro, would you like to get a butter massage? He got scared, bro! Any body up for a massage? Dude, everybody said no! You know who’s suffering now? Me! Even after winning I am having to get this butter foot massage! After eating Aslam’s butter chicken, now Rohit will get a foot massage of this butter! It looks like it’s his punishment not mine… …I am really enjoying it! Dude, he’ll wash his hands after this! Come on! Take off your shoes! Even my hands will get dirty! You can wash them then! Even you can wash your foot! Rohit earlier got waxing done, now he’s getting a foot massage! You’re having fun! That too by a such a bad parlour aunty! Massage it as well! I am enjoying it! Do it properly! I’ll cut your money! Can I get some spices to marinate this? Bro, do it properly! Be happy with whatever you’re getting! Press here a bit He does good work. We can consider him for a parlour job! Where have you worked before this? It’s done! Yuck man! That’s too so much bro! Excuse me! Can I get a cloth? What is wrong with our director? I don’t know where he gets these stupid ideas from?! Who gets a butter foot massage? Who eats raw fish? You tell us one thing… …is there any logic behind all this? If yes, then please like & comment on our video and subscribe to us! So, that we can further increase the level of our challenges! And suggest us more unique punishments and food challenges… …by commenting down And I felt like someone was following us today… …we both felt the same way Now, you guys will have to tell us who was that person and how many times did that person appear! Watch the video carefully and comment down! We’ll give you a hint… …maybe it’s a girl! You shouldn’t have told them! If you liked this video then please like, comment, share and subscribe to EatTreat! And, Abhishek and Rohit signing off! See you again next time… …in the next video of Challenge Accepted!