The weather changed in Delhi and our Delhi boys caught a cold! We met a suitable bachelor! The challenge started too! And who got insulted in front of everyone? Wow! Your t-shirt looks so good! Your mother is showering blessings on you! I always have her blessings! She gave me this as a birthday gift! What is wrong with you? Why have you braided your hair? I am not feeling well! What happened? I caught a cold, what else! Cold and cough! That’s what will happen when you go attend parties at night in winters! When are we going? What is the scene? Hello? Why aren’t we going? Come, let’s go! I am not feeling well! Establish it from here! Director? Go to 9stacks and register easily here! Are you playing games on 9stacks? No, no! Let’s go! Don’t you guys have work? Come, let’s go! Please let’s go! I don’t feel well! Let’s go! Take this! Listen, take this! Thank you! Red handkerchief? So? You have to wipe your nose, right? Who keeps a red handkerchief? You’ve worn a red underwear too? Your handkerchief saved me today! Thank you! This is the same as “your love is like the winters of Delhi!” You have cold, please stay away! I don’t like winters at all! Why don’t you like winters? They are amazing! It is so cold this time! What is happening? The temperature is decreasing every day! That’s good, right? Delhi winters are amazing! Tell us whether you like summers or winters! Summers, please! Winters! Hello, hello! Rohit and Abhishek, how come you are here? Just like that! What are you doing here? Who dips a biscuit in coffee? This is the tragedy of life! Two teas, please! Shivam is getting married! He sent an invite! Really? Yes! I thought he was joking! He said he’ll get married last year! Shashank! You keep quiet! At home, my mom is after my life! At office, my colleagues keep irritating! You both don’t start now! Why are you getting upset? When are you getting married? Sir? Sir, your friends are calling you! Sir? What happened, Shashank? Where are you going? Let’s go! What happened to him? You are busy talking to girls again? No, I was checking a tournament on 9stacks! Basically, they are giving a prize pool of Rs.1.5 lakhs in a tournament! Rs. 1.5 lakhs? Yes, Rs.1.5 lakhs! Are you listening? I should check it then! Yes, check it out! Oh, yes! Rs. 1.5 lakhs! This will start at 8:30 pm! Director, please let us go early today! We have to play a tournament on 9stacks at 8:30 pm! Rohit, are you feeling hungry? Yes! I’m feeling very hungry! Let’s have a heavy lunch today! Yes, something amazing! What are we eating today? Butter chicken rolls! Butter chicken rolls?! Which way do we have to go? Let’s go! This looks like an expensive market! What are we doing here? Here is Juneja! So guys, we are here at Juneja’s Eating Plaza for our first food challenge of 2019! Shall we go to the kitchen then? Also, tell us in the comments below your favorite challenge from 2018! Let’s go! So, finally we are in the kitchen of Juneja’s restaurant! And here you’ll get rolls! Not the average rolls that you get everywhere Here you get rolls wrapped in butter naan! These rolls are very famous and you get them exclusively here, no where else! The stuffing inside this is butter chicken! Butter naan – butter. Butter chicken again butter! Malai tikka too! Yes, malai tikka too! The aroma is crazy! I feel more hungry now! I can’t wait! Stop saying that! Only you can smell the aroma! My nose is blocked due to cold! You still have a blocked nose? Do one thing, go sit outside, I’ll get something for you! Go! Yes, mom! What did you give me when I had a blocked nose? Yes, that mixture! Lemon, water, honey…what else did you add? Yes, cinnamon! Okay, thank you! I’ll talk to you later! Do you have cinnamon? Very good! Sorted! Let’s open Abhishek’s nose then! Here, drink this! What is this? Drink it quietly! You know, I have a hack for everything! I don’t trust you! What if I die? Drink it quietly! But, what is this? It is a home remedy! You’ll be fine! I’m sorry, I can’t open up your brain but I can unclog your nose! Can we order the food now? Yes, order it! Director, please get it! Where is the food? This is the best thing! Let’s do the challenge fist! I can’t wait anymore! The concept is amazing, right? But, where should I begin eating this? From your mouth! This is so loaded! Do you know how many calories this has? How many? Approximately, 800-1000! This reminds me of our burger challenge! 2kg! Yes! It has the same cream! So, this plate has approximately 10,000 calories that we have to finish! My nose unclogged after hearing this! This is not spicy at all! There is a sweet taste in between! The flavors are rich! Extremely tasty! Let’s try the butter chicken roll now! Literally, this is butter naan with butter chicken but still, it is different! I’ve never had a roll like this before! Full marks for the butter chicken roll! This is a little spicy, but really tasty! I am thinking of roaming around somewhere! Yes, go have a little walk! Europe trip! A proper backpacking trip! Solo travelling! Europe trip? Who is sponsoring? They’ll pay? I won prize money on 9stacks! Prize money? How much? Enough for my Europe trip! My brother Thakur is a Cheetah! I won on 9stacks! What did you win? Prize money! Cash! The rolls are almost finished! We’ve had 5000-6000 calories but Thakur hasn’t finished the onions! I don’t want to eat the onions! They have touched your plate, who will have them? You are wasting it! Guys, tell in the comments below if he should waste food like this or not! Have mine too! How many we’ve had? I’ve had 3 and a half rolls! Thakur has had 1! I’ve had 4! Thakur has had 4! He always messes with the counting! I don’t know what happens! Tell me one thing, he got a piercing for one punishment! Rest, all his punishments have been easy but still… Tell me, which punishment was easy? Tell us in the comments! You must have thought before commenting “Justice for Abhishek” I too feel I should get justice! Eat these my brother! Why, you won’t have? You have them! I am already leading! So what? I haven’t quit yet! This roll looks exactly like you! I can’t do this anymore! Let him win today as well! I can’t do this! Tell me the punishment! You have to be a salesman! What will I sell? What will he sell? I won’t do! Maxi! Maxi! Ma’am, will you buy a maxi? She got scared! Maxi, maxi! Maxi for Rs.100! Aunty, maxi? Maxi? Do you have in woollen? No, cotton! Buy it! It is very cheap! Do we have in woollen? Maxi, maxi! Buy maxis, two for Rs.100! I have only 5 pieces! Buy any! Show this properly! Aunty, I don’t do this everyday! I have to just sell this today! But, still! Tell me the color! I’ll show you! No? Not even for Rs.50? This is pure Indian stuff, made of cotton! One for Rs.100! Rs.50! Cool, I’ll give you one for Rs.50! There you go! You’re welcome! Green? How much? Rs.100! I have to finish this work! Please give Rs.100! Thank you! Where are you looking? Your maxi is here! Aunty, maxi? Will you buy? It is very cheap! Very cheap! My maxi is the sexiest! Maxi, maxi, maxi! Rs.100? Did one of my team members tell you that I am selling it for Rs.100? It could have been bought for Rs.50! Poor girl, she quoted Rs.100! Here, have it! Take it! Uncle, look I’ve given it to her! Money? Thank you so much! Take this maxi! I don’t want it! Take this! I don’t want! Take this! Why are you insisting? I am saying, take it! I am selling it for Rs.300! Rs.300 is expensive! How much will you buy it for? Rs.50! Rs.50? I am quoting last for you, Rs.200! If you can, give it for Rs.100! Okay! I am giving the last one to this man, who is very happy! You already have Rs.100 ready? Will you go home now? Yes! I am just joking! Don’t ask for a polythene now! Okay! What kind of punishments do they make me do! I got into a fight with 2-3 people! How are some women? I fail to understand! They’ll buy coriander worth Rs.50 for Rs.25! Where is the director and Abhishek? They’ve gone home! What is this? They don’t even support in punishments! Come, let’s go! Director! What are you doing? You’re still playing games? I was waiting there! What happened? Why aren’t you speaking? Why will he go to Europe alone? I’ll play and win some too, and then we can together! Yes, why not? Let him go with me! You’re right! It’s a full house! Winner! Fold it! Oh, you’re still here? Check the link in the description box! Register yourself on 9stacks and… …start playing tournaments and win some cash! And if you play on 9stacks, maybe you can win some prizes too! And please like, comment and share the video! I have my job because of you guys! Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already! Please! Ask your sister and brother and your friends to subscribe! He is requesting you for the first time! Ask your neighbours too! Shall we go and book the tickets now? Let’s go! Where did you buy this t-shirt from? Which one? Mumma’s boy! Oh, you’re a mumma’s boy? Who isn’t? Then go to my profile on Instagram (link in description) I have a contest running, participate in that and win the t-shirt! Nice! You are mumma’s boy, right? Yes!