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No-Knead Cinnamon Rolls Hi Bold Bakers! Today I’m sharing with you
my favorite method for making yeast doughs and that is no-knead dough. And with this
dough, we are making BIG & BOLD cinnamon rolls. I really think this is a great technique for
a lot of you because you do not need any machine. Just time. So let’s get baking! So what is no-knead dough? Simply it is a
dough that does not require a machine. You use time. Hours even days to develop the gluten
in the dough eliminating the need for a machine. I’m going to explain it as we go through the
recipe. So we’re going to start out in a large bowl.
Use the largest bowl you have because we’re also going to proof our dough in this bowl. In your bowl, put in your flour, salt, and
yeast. Don’t let the yeast come in direct contact with the salt so put them on separate
sides of the bowl. Once you mix it, it will be totally fine. In a separate jug, add in your milk, water,
honey, and butter. We’re going to heat this in the microwave
gently until the butter melts. You don’t want to heat this mix too hot because
we’re going to add in our eggs to it. So whisk in your room temperature eggs. And keep on whisking until they’re all combined. Now we’re going to add our liquid to our dry
and we’re going to mix it with a spatula until there are no more lumps of flour left. Run your spatula along the bottom of the bowl
to make sure there are no flowery lumps in the bottom. This no need method is not just for cinnamon
rolls. You can make make loafs of bread. You can make pizza dough. It’s a really fantastic
technique. And this is our cinnamon bun dough. It’s that
easy. Isn’t this so much better than using a machine? Scrape down the sides of the bowl. We’re going
to cover it in cling film, put a tea towel on top, and let it proof at room temperature
for two hours. So our dough has been proofing for two hours.
It is lovely and bubbly and nice and big. We’re going to put it in the fridge now for
overnight and this is where the magic happens. So I made a cinnamon roll dough yesterday and this
is what it looks like. It grows really big. It smells really boozy, which is great because that’s all flavor.
And it’s lovely and bubbly. This is going to make a beautiful dough. And what I love about this, is that you can
actually leave it in the fridge for three days in advance so you don’t have to wake
up at the crack of dawn to make cinnamon rolls. I’m going to set this dough aside for a minute and we’re going to make our smear for the
inside of the cinnamon rolls. For your cinnamon filling, we’re going to
melt the butter in a bowl. Add in your brown sugar and your cinnamon.
Then mix these ingredients together. And that’s your filling for the inside. Now it’s time to roll out our dough and you’re
going to see the advantages of letting it proof overnight and what good it does to the
dough. Just flour your surface and then turn out your dough. See all these beautiful strands of gluten, these developed overnight with time the same effect you’d get from actually using
a mixer. So this is a much easier method. When the dough rests, it gets stronger, it
grows. All of the gasses build up. They create these
beautiful bubbles and they also create really good flavor. This actually might be hard to replicate on
a machine. This is my favorite part when you get your
hands dirty and get to work with the dough. And just start to roll out your dough. Toss a little bit of flour on top. And then roll lengthways. When you’re rolling out your dough, if you
see it springing back don’t worry. It just means the glutens need a little more time
to relax. So let it sit there for maybe 3 minutes or
so and it will be much easier to roll out. Now that you’ve rolled out your dough, it’s
time to lay on your smear. Using a knife, spread your smear on the surface
of your dough and just leave a little rim as not to go too
far to the edges. I like to lay my smear on nice and thick because
a dry cinnamon roll is not what you’re going for. If you’re gonna do it, do it BIG & BOLD! On top of your smear, you can actually add
raisins or toasted nuts. I’m going to scatter on some
pecans. Now roll up your dough. Make a tight roll and then work your way toward the edge. When you’re rolling your dough, your dough
might stick to the table so just make sure you have a lot of flour. Take your time as well. You don’t need to
rush this part. And there’s your beautiful cinnamon rolls. When you’ve rolled your dough, now it’s time
to slice them. So with a nice sharp, serrated knife, we are
going to cut two inches. Look at how beautiful that is. That’s all our hard work paying off right
there. I love making these because they look so beautiful
even when they’re raw. Place your rolls in a deep baking tray lined
with parchment paper. We’re going to put a little bit of room in
between them because they’re going to proof and grow. but we do also want them to bake into each
other because that’s the beautiful style of batch
baking I really like. Can you believe how gorgeous these look? I
can’t wait to bake them off. They need one more proof before they go in the oven so we’re going to cover them in cling film, put a towel on them and let them rise a little
bit longer. Our cinnamon rolls have been proofing for
half an hour, and they’re actually ready. They’ve kind of grown into each other and
that’s exactly what we want. Bake your cinnamon rolls at 375 degrees F
for 40-45 minutes or until golden brown. While our cinnamon rolls are in the oven,
we’re going to make the cream cheese glaze for the top. In a bowl, add in your room temperature butter
and cream cheese. And then mix them together with a whisk. Just
mix them until combined for around 3 minutes. And then we’re going to add in our icing sugar and our vanilla extract. And then mix until well combined. We are rockin’ this Bigger Bolder Baking episode
with no machines! I think our cinnamon rolls are done so let’s
check them out. Now tell me they’re not some of the most gorgeous
cinnamon rolls you ever saw. Now look. Nice and bubbly. I cut one of the rolls because I really want
you to see the benefits of the no-knead dough. Do you see all these lovely air bubbles. And
texture, that’s what the fermenting does. These rolls are beautiful and brown on top
and they’ve got a gorgeous caramelized bottom where all the filling sank and baked. I am one step closer to eating these cinnamon
rolls so while they’re still warm, I’m going to
cover them in my cream cheese frosting. Don’t be afraid to lay the frosting on thick. Look at that beautiful texture. This cinnamon roll recipe is hands down my
favorite and I have a feeling it’s going to be yours
too. Thanks so much for watching. And don’t forget
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again next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.