(gentle music) What do you got there? This Jim Lahey, from the
Sullivan Street Bakery, was interviewed by Mark
Bittman of The New York Times, and Jim gave out his
amazingly simple recipe for making bread. And you can make bread like this. – [Woman] It’s pretty. – I have never, I am
not a big bread baker. My sister’s the bread baker in our family. You’ll meet her eventually. She looks like me,
except looks like a girl. Anyway, I made this last night and I was just blown away by it. This looks like and smells
like and tastes like the kind of bread that you
buy in a real bread bakery. And, hello, talking about bread. So anyway, this is a simple,
simple, simple recipe. All it takes is time and what you do, is you take some flour and
yeast and you throw it together, and then you put it in a bowl and you let it sit for 12 to 24 hours. – [Woman] What’s this? – And that’s what we did here. And you toss it a couple
times, let it rise again, throw it in the oven, and what you do is you use a dutch oven. And what the dutch oven
does, is it creates like, a mini steam house, ’cause
that’s how bread bakers make that nice crusty
bread, is they have an oven that does steam injection,
which you and I, ’cause with our fine
quality ovens, cannot do. – [Woman] Who cooked that? – When you put the dough in
the dutch oven, like this, and you put the top on it, you create a little steam
room in there, which is great. And then you cook it. 30 minutes in there, when
you take the lid off, let it cook for about 15 more minutes, and boom, it’s done, and
you get a loaf like this. Which I, this is very, very cool, I think. And Jim Lahey, was interviewed on The New York Times website, and he said just give the recipe out. I want everyone to have it, so we’re trying to spread the word. Maybe not as much as
The New York Times can, but you know, in the little Eric universe. So, this is really simple, alright? Lemme show you how to do this, okay? Get yourself a bowl and you want three cups of flour. This is all purpose flour. I haven’t used bread flour
yet, but I’m gonna try that. Three cups of all purpose flour. You can mix some whole
grain flour in with that. You can also use a
little bit of rye flour. How many was that? – [Woman] I don’t know,
you want me to rewind? – Lemme start over again. One, two, three. And then a quarter teaspoon of yeast. – [Woman] Does it matter
what kind of yeast you use? – You can use rapid rise, or active yeast. It’s called instant yeast here. This works just fine. I always, to save the yeast
because you use so little, I just put some box tape over the top of it to seal it again. Then you just cut the top of the tape. It’s very pretty, but it works. You use very little yeast in this because you’re fermenting
it for a day, basically. So a quarter teaspoon of yeast. Jim’s recipe says one and a
quarter teaspoons of salt. I think you need a little bit more. I think you need almost a tablespoon. – [Woman] I have an
off-camera comment to make. Hold on please. (gentle music) Okay, we’re back. – Alright, we’re back. (chuckles) Oh, this is a teaspoon. So about like that. Boom. – [Woman] I wonder if people are gonna wonder what that noise is? – That clunk, clunk, clunk noise? (washer making clunking noise) The clunk, clunk, clunk
is a future episode ’cause we have to fix the washing machine. Out, go. Okay, now we add, hello,
who’s show is this? One and a half cups water. You’ll wanna use warm water, not cold. So you mix this. Mark Bittman had a very good term for it. It should be shaggy. So, you take that, cover
it with some plastic wrap. – [Woman] No kneading? – That’s the whole beauty of this bread. It doesn’t need to be kneaded. – [Woman] How’s one supposed
to get their aggression out? – I have no aggression. (laughing) So you literally, you just cover this with some plastic wrap,
and put it on the counter. – [Woman] Wait, wait. You need to put the little label on it. – Well, you gotta write
down, it would help, if you’re like me, you need
to write on a piece of paper here what time and what
day you started this. – [Woman] Believe me, you’re not like him. – Yeah. Can’t even spell. 11 am, Wednesday. So just put that on there so
I don’t forget and let it sit. Ideally, it sits in a 70 degree area, but. – [Woman] It’s 70 in here, dude. – But our house during the
night, gets down to 60 degrees, ’cause we turn the thermostat down. And that’s fine, I just let
it rise for a longer time. – [Woman] It’s moving still. If you’re really still, I
think that, it’s like bubbling. Is that true or am I making that up? – [Eric] It’s still bubbling, yeah. Or maybe that’s just the washing machine shaking the whole house. (laughing) Okay, as you can tell, it’s a
couple hours later here now, ’cause it’s dark outside
and I’ve had a haircut. – [Woman] Big day today. – Big day today, I got a haircut. Thank you for the boss, for the haircut. So we’re gonna take this
and peel it out of the bowl onto a floured board. See all those strands? – [Woman] Gluten. – That’s the gluten. – [Woman] Is that shaggy? – That’s, it’s what happens
when you take shaggy dough and let it rise. – Flour your hands. This feels great alright? So we pat this down, and
then fold it on one side, and fold it on the other sides, like that. And then flip it over like that. And you’ve got a nice ball. So basically you folded it
and you folded it, alright? But that’s going to, that
folding will pay off later, ’cause I’ll show you in a minute here. Take a cotton towel and
then I like to use cornmeal, you dust a, what’s that thing called? – [Woman] Surface. – Dust a cotton towel, alright? Then you take your folded and folded loaf, and drop it on there, like that, okay? So then we’ll put some
cornmeal across the top, and then we fold the towel over on itself. We’re gonna take this now, and we’re gonna let this
rise for about two hours. Don’t touch it. Don’t pat on it. Don’t thump on it like some people do. – [Woman] I did. – The thumper. So to save a little time
on our episode here, I got a loaf right here. This loaf has been rising
for about three hours. Gently pull that off. Wow, look at that. – [Woman] Unveiling. – That’s huge. – [Woman] That’s three hours? – Well, it’s a little
more than three hours, ’cause we went to a cocktail party. (laughing) – [Woman] Can I thump on that? – Don’t touch this. Our oven is from a camper
trailer from the 1950s, kinda like an Airstream trailer. It’s called the Vagabond. And the Vagabond is actually
in our neighbors yard, which you can see right
through our window here. Remember when we folded the loaf under? Well that’s gonna come into play now. When this starts to bake, the
folds will kind of open up, and you’ll get those nice
ridge lines in the bread, so it’ll be a lot of fun. Okay, we gotta do this quickly, ’cause we don’t want the
oven temperature to drop. This goes up here. Okay, this is the key to
the whole thing, alright? Your hand goes under here like this, and this goes in like that. Shake this to kinda even it out. Put the lid on it. Alright, so we set our
timer for 30 minutes now. Okay, it’s been 30 minutes. Take the lid off. Wow, that looks great. That looks amazing. – [Woman] Smells good too. – [Eric] As you can see,
this comes right outta here. – [Woman] Wow, that popped. – Look at that. This line is from, basically, where we folded the dough under, and then when we flipped it
upside down and into the pot, those folds are what break open
to create those neat cracks. I mean, you can make
this, and it’s easy to do. (whispers to dog) With apologies to my sister, for suggesting that she makes dense bread, this is really kind of amazing. I’ve made about a bunch of loaves of this, and I’ve discovered
that a couple of tricks. One is to use King
Arthur All-Purpose Flour. Now they’re not giving us, they didn’t pay us to
say that or anything. They could, they could
pay us in the future. They could write a check to us. But, I found that the King Arthur flour seems to work the best with this recipe. And, you know, look at this loaf you get. This is quite amazing. I’m gonna open it up for ya. It helps to have a good bread knife. – [Woman] Which we don’t have. – [Eric] Which we don’t have. – [Woman] And it’s not hot anymore. This is like. – [Eric] It’s been cooled off. But look at that. That is amazing. – [Woman] Amazingness. – [Eric] That’s called the crumb, I think. And it’s got a nice crust on it. And you can do this. It’s really, really easy to do. – [Woman] You can do it
25 times, like we did. – I did it 25 times. The boss went to the barn everyday. Oh, she’s heavy. (laughing)