alrighty chef buck here and today we’re cooking up a super delicioso crispy chicken wing recipe this is kind of a salt-and-pepper style you know when you go to an Asian restaurant and they’ve got the salt and pepper chicken or they have the salt and pepper calamari but it’s kind of a deep fried and then tossed with some salt and pepper and some seasonings you know this is kind of a variation on that but it’s a little bit healthier because we’re going to bake it you know and you can bake chicken wings and you know they will come out pretty crispy you know if you coat them in a little bit of baking powder …you don’t have a nearly the mess as when you’re deep frying them …go ahead and stick around we’re going to cook these up…I bought some wings but i also bought some little drumettes because you can buy them already cut up or if you just prefer one cut over another …camera girl likes drumettest and I kind of like the flats to process your our wing as they say in the “biz” you just want to cut it between the joint …your knife will find an easy path in there boom and that’s going to separate the drumette from the flat and then you can do the same thing with that flat and the tip …you don’t have to do it all macho like I did it right there …ooooh that looks unappealing doesn’t it …we’ll just turn that over so it doesn’t look all Freddy Krueger-ish but we’re going to save this tip you know I’m not going to waste this I’ll throw this bowl …we’ll take our drumettes and our flats and we’ll throw them in a pan and I’ll process up the rest of my wings here real quick boom boom easy peasy lemon squeezy all right i got all my wingtips chopped off and i’ll just use these at some later time to flavor up a soup …I’ve got my drumettes and I got my flats all chopped up I patted thi dry with a paper towels and now I’m ready to mix up my coating …we’re going to mix up a very simple coating …number one thing we’re going to put in here is a little bit of baking powder …this is a mixture of a cornstarch and baking soda but it’s mostly corn starch I’m going to add some salt and pepper nice little seasoning there …but I’m also going to add some Chipotle but you can use regular chili powder or paprika …whatever you like …I got some some turmeric, some onion powder, some garlic powder …but use whatever kind of seasonings you prefer and adjust the heat is you like it …I’m going to mix up these dry ingredients …so I’ve got my chicken parts all cut up here and now I’m just going to coat it lightly with this mixture and I don’t have any oil on the wings because we don’t need it because we are leaving the skin on the chicken so that will crisp up that’s plenty of fat so we don’t need to add any oil ….just go ahead and put your hands in there and get everything mixed up very well go lighter or heavier on the seasoning whatever you like …but I like lots of seasoning and I like lots of flavor so don’t be shy with it …and that’s really all we need to do to prepare these chicken wings …that baking powder, having that baking soda and that cornstarch on here is going to really help to dry the wings out and crisp it up I like to cook the wings on a wire rack …that way the heat can circulate around the wings while they’re cooking go ahead and give it a spray here so it doesn’t stick so much to my rack and I got quite a few pieces here there’s no point in doing it if you don’t have quite a few pieces don’t just cook up six or twelve of these things because they’re going to go so fast you’re going to be sad and lonely if you run out of wings too quick it’s like doing a Rubik’s Cube …trying to fit all these on here it’s like a Rubik’s Cube for me because I’m not all that smart you know alrighty i’m going to go ahead and slide them in the oven at 425 degrees we’re going to let them cook for about 20 minutes and then i’m going to pull them out and flip them …I’m not sure how this angle is gonna look they’ve cooked about 20 minutes that little bit of turmeric adds a lot of color …we’re going to go ahead and give them a turn …they’re still kind of plump, but after I turn them i’m going to throw them back in the oven …i’m going to let them cook for another 20 minutes and then i’m going to go ahead and pull them out and flip them again but they’ll be smaller next time because some of the fat and the skin is going to start to cook off and drip off and they’re actually going to shrink up a little bit and they’ll get a lot crispier …now we’ll slide them back in the oven …I’m let them go for 20 more minutes and while our wings bake away in the oven i’m going to prepare my my little seasoning topping that we’re going to toss our wings with …a little bit of coconut oil …i’m going to melt that ….you want to be sure and use a nonstick skillet otherwise it’s going to be quite a little bit of a mess …we don’t want to let it get too hot so medium heat is enough …we’re going to go ahead and start to cook up our little seasoning topping for our wings and the first thing i’m going to throw in here is some jalapeno peppers and i got these nice and chopped up this is a whole jalapeno pretty good sized one but put as much heat as you like in here if you don’t have fresh peppers you can always use red pepper flakes …and i’m also going to add some green onion bottoms …I’ve got the tops already chopped up and put them in the fridge i’m going to use those later to add after everything’s cooked up i’m just cooking the bottoms here i’m going to go ahead and let these peppers and green onions saute u for just two or three minutes on their lonesome and i’m going to throw in a colossal amount of garlic i got a whole bulb of garlic right here this is like 12 or 13 cloves that’s a lot of flavor but we’re going to continue cooking this for a few minutes till our garlic starts to brown up a little bit so i’m going to let my garlic cook up there with my onions and hot peppers … I got the temperature just a little bit shy of medium but make sure you don’t have it too hot because you want this to take a little bit of time to color up and while that’s happening I’m going to give this cilantro a rough chop and it’s a lot of cilantro but it’s really going to make this seasoning mix if you don’t like cilantro you don’t have to use you can just use a the peppers and garlic but if you’re a fan of cilantro definitely give this a try and use a lot of it …I’m going to fill up my skillet with this cilantro but this cilantro will cook down to nothing we’re going to cook all the moisture out of this cilantro it’s also going to help our garlic from getting overcooked and it’s going to hardly be anything in this skillet when we’re through it’s just going to be a bunch of flavor …all right I’m going to toss a little bit of salt in here then we’re going to throw in a little black pepper and I still got this on medium-low heat…you just got to be patient when cooking this stuff down it’ll take about 15 minutes but that’s okay it takes time for your chicken wings to cook so this is something to do while your wings are cooking …alrighty so they cooked for 20 minutes and then we turned them and now they cooked for 20 minutes more so we’re going to turn them one more time they got a great color already …so we gave them a second turn …now we’re going to slide them back in the oven and let them go for the final 20 minutes we’ll set our timer for that final 20 minutes …depending on the size of your chicken pieces sometimes there are just regular sized wings and sometimes they’re colossal steroid chicken wings …so we’ll keep an eye on our seasoning our little wing topping … so I’ve had this cilantro garlic hot pepper mixture cooking all together for about 20 minutes and it’s dried out quite a bit ….i’m going to go ahead and take it off the heat …i got about 12 minutes left on my wings so as soon as my wings are finished I’m gonna pull those out of the oven and toss them with this little seasoning mixture the last 20 minutes is up it’s been one hour total cooking time the wings are piping hot crispy and super flavorful …you can eat them just like this …I mean these are nice baked crispy chicken wings …or you could toss them with a traditional Buffalo type hot sauce make some buffalo wings we’re going to toss them with our little bit of cilantro and garlic and hot pepper that we’ve cooked here and it’s going to be more like you would get in a Chinese restaurant so now my wings are still super duper hot but I’ve had them sitting for a few moments they’re nice and crispy …we got our big bowl of crispy baked wings and I’m just going to take this seasoning spice mixture that we may throw it all in here and we’re just going to get it mixed up then we’ll pour it out on a fancy-pants plate if you like going out to a Chinese restaurant you know, some Asian type restaurant and ordering the salt and pepper chicken wings then you’re really going to like this dish go ahead and give this recipe a try you can print the recipe at follow us on Facebook give the recipe a try let us know what you think and we’ll see in the future