– Hey guys, today I’m
going to share with you a fantastic recipe if
you are a hosting brunch or have some overnight house guests. It is my crunchy brioche French
toast with mixed berries. It’s a fantastic little treat that will serve a crowd and it couldn’t be any
easier to put together. Let me show you how to make it. So, you first want to
create your egg custard. I think mixing this up
in a shallow high plate works really well because
that will allow you to put several pieces of
bread in at the same time. So, we’re going to add four eggs, and then three tablespoons of heavy cream. Now, you could use milk if you wanted to. I find the heavy cream
just makes the custard a bit more decadent but really it’s up to you, and then to that you’re also
gonna add vanilla extract, and a good pinch of salt. Then you can just whisk that all up until everything is
combined and set it aside. Then you wanna cut your bread, so I’m using a brioche loaf but really any kind of thick egg bread would work well for this and you want to cut some thick slices, so anywhere from an inch
to two inches works well. Then you’re gonna take your bread and place it in the egg batter and then you wanna make sure that you give your bread
a good chance to soak up all of this egg mixture on both sides. That will prevent your French toast from being too dry in the center. So, I would say two to
three minutes on both sides and then in a resealable bag you’re going to take two cups of just store bought cornflakes, whatever brand you like best, it works with all of them and you’re gonna put it in the ziplock bag and give it a good
whack with a rolling pin to create a nice crushed, coarse meal, and then you can transfer
that to a shallow bowl or pie plate and then
you’re also gonna toss in a teaspoon of sugar and
a teaspoon of cinnamon. So, now you have everything ready to go. Then you’re gonna transfer your bread into your cornflake mixture and just make sure that
all those cornflakes are kind of covered on both sides and then it’s time to grill them up. And we’re gonna add in a pat of butter and once that butter is nice and sizzling then you can add the French toast, and then you wanna cook it for anywhere from two to three minutes on either side just until
it’s nice and golden brown and if it gets too brown, not to worry, we’re gonna cover this with
some powdered sugar later and some berries so there
will be a way to fix it. Then once they’re all ready you can place them in the oven for just about five to seven minutes and I do this for two reasons. One, because we’re dealing
with such a thick piece of French toast, some egg batter might have gone on the side that didn’t actually get
cooked in the skillet so you do wanna put it in the oven to give it a chance to
kind of cook all the egg and the other thing this will do is help the top that’s
already nice and crunchy get a little more crispy and that only really takes
about five to seven minutes. Then once your French
toast is ready to go, you can slide it out onto a cutting board, give it a nice light dusting with the powered sugar, you don’t wanna put too much ’cause remember we’ve already
put the sugar and the cinnamon in the cornflakes. You don’t wanna make it too sweet, and then you can cut each
slice on the diagonal and then I like to serve this all kind of layered up on
an oblong serving platter. I think it looks really pretty that way and then you can just
place those berries on top and there you have it, a delicious crunchy brioche French toast that will get lots of ohs and ahs when you bring this to the table. And then you could serve
this with some syrup. Personally, I find it’s sweet enough, although my kids will argue that fact. They do like to eat this with some syrup. Up to you. I hope you guys give this one a try and let me know what you think. If you’re looking for a real crowd pleaser on Sunday morning, this one is it. Alright, you guys, I’ll
see you back here next week for another quick and easy recipe. Until then bye.