– Hey guys. Today I’m gonna share a recipe with you that I get requests for every
spring, homemade madeleines. If you’re not familiar with a madeleine, you are in for a treat. It’s a French style cookie that’s really more like a little cake. They’re delicate and dainty, and perfect when served with a cup of tea. They also happen to be my
husband’s favorite cookie. And ironically, he was born
on Rue Madeleine in France. So for that fact alone, this was a recipe I had to perfect. So, let me show you how to
make a foolproof madeleine. So, the first thing we’re gonna do is take three eggs, and combine it with two thirds cup of sugar. Go ahead and whisk that up until it’s nice and combined. You’re looking for your mixture
to be nice and pale yellow. At that stage you’re
going to add a teaspoon and a half of orange zest. Now at this stage, you could also use lemon zest or even lime
zest if you wanted to. I really like the orange. I think that it adds a really
beautiful sweetness to these. Or you could also add
a teaspoon of vanilla and turn them into vanilla cookies. Go ahead and whisk that up. And then you can set that aside. And in a smaller bowl we’re going to add a cup of flour, a teaspoon of baking powder, and a quarter teaspoon of salt. And then we’re gonna
add this flour mixture to our wet ingredients, just stirring it gently
until it’s all combined. And then the final step
is to add six tablespoons of melted unsalted butter. And that’s basically it. Your madeleine batter is done. Now, here’s the hard part. This is the part where it
can all go wrong. (laughs) You do need to refrigerate the batter for at least an hour. Overnight is even better, but an hour will do the trick. And the reason you wanna do this is one of the hallmarks
of a true madeleine is the little hump that the cookie gets. And it only gets that if you
let your batter refrigerate. So, if you don’t care about
being a traditionalist and you just wanna make
the cookies right away, you could pop them in the oven, but if you wanna wait and
get that true madeleine hump, well then, you have to refrigerate it for at least an hour. Now, when it comes to madeleine pans, there are a lot of
varieties on the market. And you can make yourself crazy trying to figure out which one works best. Let me save you the effort. I think the ones that really work the best are the non-stick metal pans. This is going to provide
a really beautiful, lightly browned madeleine that will just pop right out of its shell. But, for a little added insurance, I do recommend taking a
little bit of baking spray, spraying it into a bowl, and then taking a pastry brush and just dabbing it
lightly into each shell. I think this works better than taking the can and
spraying the whole pan because then it’ll have
a tendency of burning, and then your edges will get too brown. So, I think it’s better
to put it in a bowl and just give it a light dusting with a pastry brush instead. Now, when it comes to
portioning out the batter, here’s my other tip for you. It really helps if you can use a mini ice scream scoop that’s about one and one
quarter inch in size. And the reason why this is helpful is it’s just going to
allow for all your cookies to be even. And the other tip is, once you scoop it and plop
it in the center of the well, just stand back and let it do its thing. Don’t go in there and try
to spread out the batter because gravity will
just take over for you and will spread that batter
out in a nice even way. Then you’re gonna pop
these in a 350 degree oven for just eight minutes. And here’s the other thing, you really wanna know when
to pull these madeleines out because if you let them go too far, they’ll get too browned around the edges. And then if you don’t
let them go far enough, they’re not gonna get that little hump. So I find that anywhere from
like seven to eight minutes is just perfect. Then allow your cookies to cool until you try to handle them. And then once they are
cool enough to handle, you can pop them outta your tins and dust them lightly
with some powdered sugar, pop them on a plate, and then you can serve them
with your favorite cup of tea. I love these cookies because
they’re so dainty and elegant. And they’re perfect for
any springtime occasion, like a baby shower or bridal shower, or even Mother’s Day that’s coming up. I hope you guys give this recipe a try, and let me know what you think. And for more quick and easy
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when you guys subscribe. And I’ll see you back here next week for another delicious recipe. Until then. ♫ Give me, give me, give me,
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