Hello. Welcome to your favourite show,
Aapni Rasoi (Our Kitchen). You must be wondering, ‘Aapni Rasoi’, what kind of a name is that? The name is such because
it is yours, mine, and everybody’s kitchen. That is why, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. So let us begin today’s episode with our celebrity chef… Varsha Vimadalal! Hello ma’am, how are you today? Hi! How are you?
– I am good! I am good! I am great! And you look lovely today. So, what are we going to prepare today? Today we are going to prepare,
‘Bhavnagri Chilies Bhajiya.’ Oh, ‘Bhavnagri Chilies Bhajiya’. My mouth has already started watering. So Varsha, how do we start? First of all we will slit the chilies.
– Okay. We have to slit them and remove the seeds. After removing the seeds,
we have to apply a little salt and keep them aside for marination,
for about 15 to 20 minutes. While it is kept aside, we
will ready the stuffing. We have slit all these chilies. And now, we
will apply salt in their middle. – Okay. We will keep these chilies
aside for 15 to 20 minutes, as we have marinated them with salt. We will now prepare the stuffing. For the stuffing, we
will first need onions. We will add chopped tomatoes to it. Then we will add capsicum
or bell pepper to it. Add finely chopped fresh coriander now. We will add coarsely
pounded groundnuts to it. This is Pani Puri Masala. And this is ginger garlic paste.
I have added two spoons of it. We will add a little black salt. And this is rock salt. We have to mix it well and keep it ready. We will add a surprise ingredient to it. We are going to add
‘Bikaneri Bhujiya’ to it. This is a new element for me, ’Sev Bhujiya’ being added to fritters. It tastes very delicious.
I think it’ll give it a crunchy taste. It does give a crunchy taste. That is why we must add this only towards the end, when
we are going to fry the chilies. You must stuff them and
fry them immediately. Okay. All right. We will now prepare the batter.
– Okay. For that we need gram flour! To this we have to add rice flour.
– Okay. The rice flour will make it quite crispy. The rice flour should be half
the quantity of the gram flour. Now we will add a little turmeric powder. This is asafoetida. Also add caraway seeds to it. Red chili powder. You can add as much red chili
powder according to the how spicy you want your dish. Now add salt to it as per your taste. Mix all of this well.
Then add water to it. And then you can either
use the hand-mixer or mix it with your hands,
until the batter is smooth. Now gradually add water to it. The batter should not be very runny. We will mix this well and keep it aside. Our batter is… ready now.
– Ready now. We will now stuff the chilies. On one side the oil will heat up and on the other hand, we will stuff
the chilies and keep them ready. It is time to add the ‘Bikaneri Bhujiya’
to our stuffing now. We will fill all the
chilies with the stuffing This process must be done a little fast, as we want the Bikaneri Bhujiya
to remain crispy. Right. Otherwise the onions,
the tomatoes and the capsicum… that we have added will lose
some moisture and the bhujiya …will lose its crunchiness. Let’s take the batter now. The oil is heated up now, and
will add two spoons of this oil to our batter. I’m adding this again
because it will make our fritters will become
fluffy and crispy. We will mix it well again. Now, we will soak the stuffed
chilies in the batter, and we will fry them. We can already smell the lovely aroma.
– I know. We will fry all the chilies
in the same manner. – Okay. We must keep the flame on medium. We have to fry them until they
are golden brown in color. When they become golden
brown it is understood that they are ready.
– They are ready. If you fry them on a medium or slow
flame, they will become crispier. Right, right. If you fry them in extremely hot oil, the
fritters will soften in a few minutes. So Varsha, what is best eaten
along with these fritters? With these you can have whatever you like. Sweet chutney… spicy chutney,
if you like that. Tomato sauce tastes good too with this. And they taste delicious,
just by themselves. I know. Just by themselves, because
there is just so much stuffing. There is so much stuffing and they
can be enjoyed by themselves. Varsha, do you know what I
like with the fritters? Nice hot tea!
– Oh, yes! Absolutely! It is all on your taste and liking.
– I know. This combination of fritters
and tea is something which everyone likes. But if you have green chutney
or dates chutney with it then they are really delicious to eat.
– Yes. Okay!
– They are almost ready now. In about two minutes,
we will take them out. Heli, look how lovely these fritters are. They have such a beautiful
golden brown color, and you can also see the lovely
green color of the chilies in it. It looks so beautiful. We will drain the oil completely and then we will remove them
on an absorbent paper. This absorbent paper will soak
whatever oil is left in the fritters. Okay.
– And in a minute or two when the steam leaves the fritters they
will be ready to eat. – Okay. I will cut this now so that I can
show you how it looks from inside. Wow!
– See, this looks so beautiful. I know. I can see the
onions here, the tomatoes, I can also see the stuffing
that you had prepared. A little of the sev can also be seen. So this was Bhavnagri Chilies Bhajiya, which you can relish
with any kind of chutney. And having them with tea
is the best combination. Thank you, Varsha. Thank you for
showing us this wonderful recipe. So this was today’s
episode of Aapni Rasoi. Keep watching Shemaroo
Gujarati for more episodes.