Flour is expensive in
our country because it has to be imported. That’s why we don’t throw
away unsold bread. You know, we can also mix
this with kalihim . Kalihim ? You don’t know what that is? Pan de regla ? Kabukiran ? Ligaya ? My god . Are you sure you’re Filipino? Yes I am. You probably made all
of that up. Excuse me. I come from a family of bakers. In case you don’t know, I am the “Baker Princess of
Nueva Valencia.” Oh. Wow. Now, instead of staring,
just help me out. Whoa. I’m not allowed to look now? Add two eggs. Oh. Show-off. Milk, please. Mangoes? The most well-kept secret
ingredient of Nueva Valencia… …the magic touch
of a Dimaguiba. Something’s missing. Wine? They might get drunk
if they eat this! That’s the point! We’ll intoxicate their
palates with pleasure! Oh! Care to help me out? Sure, of course! I’ll help you. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, that’s enough kneading! I’m excited to eat! Hurry up! We’re already done. Really?