hello this is chef john from food wishes
comma with Bloody Mary burrata that’s right I tried to do a mash-up of a
tomato mozzarella salad with a Bloody Mary hoping that I would invent some
kind of cutting-edge liquid salad but after a few spoonfuls I realized I’d
actually made gazpacho with a lump abroad in it which was fine since while
it was a little bit bizarre it was also very very delicious so with that let’s
go ahead and get started with our Bloody Mary base and for that we’ll need a
couple pounds of the sweetest ripe as Tomatoes we can find which for me will
be some of these beautiful heirloom cherry tomatoes plus these gorgeous dry
farmed earlier girls which we will go ahead and cut the core out before
tossing them in a blender and while the early girl is one of the most delicious
and sweetest tomatoes ever the skins are extremely tough which is why we’re gonna
have to strain this after we blend it and then besides our Tomatoes we will
also add a little bit of sliced celery since as you may know a little bit of
bitterness always brings out the sweetness and the other ingredients and
then speak in a bittersweet we will add a little bit of heat in the form of a
red jalapeno also known around here is a Fresno chili and then we’ll also toss in
a little touch of garlic all right like just half of a small clove and then
we’ll finish this up adding a splash of water before we proceed to blend this
nice and smooth and I’m only adding a touch since for my purposes I wanted
this a little closer to a sauce than a juice but if you’re actually gonna make
drinks with this which would be a great idea you could add a little more but
anyway we’ll go ahead and blend that on high until it’s very very smooth at
which point like I said we’ll go ahead and strain it and please do not be
concerned about that pinkish color all right that’s just being caused by the
billions of air bubbles in this and you’ll see as we strain this and add the
rest of the ingredients and it’s it’s it will get darker and darker and
eventually it will be beautiful so we will go ahead and pass that through a
fine mesh strainer – like I said get rid of all that tough skin and then once
that’s been accomplished we can proceed to add whatever we consider to be Bloody
Mary ingredients like for example some freshly squeezed lemon juice as well as
a very generous application of Worcester and then after that I’m gonna add one
nice big spoon of extra hot prepared horseradish another key component in any
proper Bloody Mary we will also do a little shot of hot sauce or cayenne or
both own if you’re looking for a little bit of a smoky element a little touch of
Chipotle or smoked paprika would also work well and that’s it I’m gonna finish
mine off with a ridiculously large amount of fresh to the ground black
pepper as well as a little bit of kosher salt and we’ll go ahead and take a whisk
and give that a thorough mixing at which point we should probably taste it and
adjust which is exactly what I did and I decided my needed a little more black
pepper and horseradish and wishes your sauce so I went ahead and toss those in
gave it another stir and of course another taste but please keep in mind
you’re gonna want to taste and adjust this before you serve it when it’s
ice-cold since things really do taste differently at different temperatures so
if you’re gonna serve something very cold make sure you do your final
seasoning adjustments once it’s very cold but having said that even at room
temp we’re gonna get it pretty close here and then what we’ll do once we’re
happy with that is go ahead and wrap this up and pop it in the fridge for a
few hours or until it’s ice-cold okay there’s a reason Bloody Mary’s are
served on ice so I went ahead and wrap that up and popped it in the fridge and
while that’s chilling let’s go ahead and talk burrata cheese and if you’re not
familiar with this stuff you really should be it is nothing short of magical
and when you lift it out of the brine it really does look like a regular fresh
mozzarella and that is pretty much what the outside skin is but you’ll see as
you cut into this the inside is extremely soft and creamy and kind of
sorta to me looks like a brain and now for some reason I’m thinking of
lactose-intolerant Sambas but anyway let me go ahead and sneak a little taste and
if you like mozzarella and creamy things you are gonna absolutely love burrata
which of course begs the question should we be covering this delicious subtle
taste up with a Bloody Mary Mix and the answer to that is I don’t know but I do
know that burrata pairs amazingly well with a tomato salad which is exactly why
I wanted to see what it would be like in this so I went ahead and labeled
some of my now ice-cold Bloody Mary bays and then what we’ll do after we
transferred in a few ladlefuls of that is go ahead and add in some of our
amazing burrata cheese if which point we can proceed to garnish this just like we
would any fancy Bloody Mary which in my case meant scattering over some sliced
green olives as well as some sliced celery for not only its flavor but also
for a little bit of crunch and then after that I also decide to add a little
bit of sliced cherry tomato and a little bit of a nod to the tomato mozzarella
salad part of this equation and then even though we added prepared
horseradish to our Bloody Mary base I also peeled the end of our fresh
horseradish root so I could go ahead and finely grate that over the top of my
cheese okay the prepared stuff is a little hotter and sharper while the
fresh stuff has a little subtler burn but with this incredibly intoxicating
nose tingling aromatic aroma so I went ahead and grated some of that over the
top and I went ahead and garnished with a nice leaf of celery and I probably
should have stopped right there because it really did look amazing but I wanted
to finish this off with a little bit of black pepper and a few drops of olive
oil which I thought would make it look a little more provocative but in hindsight
it kind of just made the top look a little bit dingy but anyway I’m probably
overthinking this because that really does not look bad so I went ahead and
grabbed a spoon and dug in and the tomato vegetable part of this really did
taste like a Bloody Mary and my hope was when I combined it with the cheese I
would have sort of a new exciting liquid version of a tomato mozzarella salad
which I most definitely did not accomplish okay as I mentioned earlier
this really did taste like a Bloody Mary flavor gazpacho with burrata cheese in
it which ended up being sort of bizarre and a little bit confusing but happily
also very very delicious and what’s kind of funny here is my least favorite part
of a Bloody Mary is actually the vodka I mean don’t get me wrong I like the buzz
especially at like 11 a.m. but I really don’t love what that alcohol finish does
to the other flavors which is one reason why I think I enjoyed this so much but
anyway having said that if you want to try this with vodka go ahead
I mean you are after all the macho camacho of whether your good spot too is
borracho so feel free to go ahead and Russian
that up if you want but anyway that’s it what I’m calling Bloody Mary Bharata
mostly because I was not sure what to call it alright sometimes in the kitchen
we try to do things but we end up doing other things which while not the same
things are still very good things so I’m gonna leave it up to you what to call
this or how to describe it but regardless I really do hope you give
this a try soon so head over to food wishes calm for all the ingredient
amounts of more info as usual and as always you