Hello Friends, Welcome to Moms Food Diary Today, I will show you how to make Chapati in a perfect way in Bombay Style Soft and Crispy So keep watching the video while we prepare the Bombay Chapati Firstly, I would request you to subscribe my Channel wherein I bring to your more delicious recipes You will find the complete method and ingredients list in the video description below Also do subscribe my channel. So we need 1 cup Wheat Flour and a pinch of salt, we have place the flour in a large plate So there is flour and salt on the plate and we have added 1/2 cup water in it and we will mix it as you can see we are mixing it we will knead the flour to make it dough I will show you complete method to make Soft chapati in Bombay Style so as you can see we have mixed and kneaded the flour Do prepare the chapati this way as it becomes soft and crispy We have made the dough in round balls and now we will roll it flat Friends, If you follow this method you can prepare chapati in a perfect way Keep watching the video, so we have applied wheat flour to the round dough balls now we will start rolling it flat after applying flour, in this way we will continue to roll it flat we had sprinkled little flour on the rolled chapati we started rolling it again as shown We have made spots on the chapati as shown Now will we add oil on it just little oil has been added we will apply it thoroughly on the spots as can be seen on the chapati We have used Sunflower Oil so we have applied it completely Please checkout this method thoroughly to make soft Bombay Style Chapati we have sprinkled a little flour, this is a Wheat flour Chapati Its Healthy as we have used wheat flour We will fold the chapati as shown into round we have folded it So we need to make 2 Chapati’s hence we will be making 2 small dough’s from the larger dough and we will keep twisting it we will press it as shown after twisting it and make it into 2 dough’s So our dough’s are ready We will apply little flour and start rolling it flat in round shape chapati these will be our chapati’s we will keep rolling until it is round shape Applying wheat flour in between is necessary so that the chapati does not stick Following this method you can prepare chapati which is soft, after applying flour again keep rolling it until round shape our rolled chapati’s are ready to be cooked we have heated a Tawa and added 1 tbs Oil on it (Use Oil as per your requirements) only after tawa is heated We have placed the chapati on the Tawa We will cook it until 1 minute we have already added oil below now we will Add oil over the chapati as shown (The amount of oil used in this recipe, this chapati can be made on special occasions). we will cook for 1 minute again as can be see that the chapati is getting cooked we will apply a little more oil (Use oil as per your requirements) chapati is being cooked on one side now after applying oil we will Turn the chapati on other side as you can see the chapati has been cooked from 1 side now it is being cooked on the inner side Friends, This chapati does not need any side dishes to be eaten with You can eat or serve this Chapati with Tea Its so soft and delicious and a must try Turn it again on the other side It has been completely cooked as can be seen from the colour of it Serve this Steaming Hot Chapati’s with Tea without any side dishes. Now our chapati is completely ready. Bombay Style Chapati So friends this chapati recipe is a must try . Also checkout my other recipes. Bombay Style chapati is completely ready Thank you for watching and do subscribe my channel Also like, share and comment below. Also check out my other videos Thanks again for watching. Happy Cooking.