Bread roll recipe is easy to make and kids love them Do try this bread roll recipe to impress your kids Namaskar, welcome to indian food made easy today we will make a exciting snack using potatoes which is bread roll we have used very simple ingredients for this bread roll recipe If you like my video then please press like button below and don’t for get to subscribe to my channel So lets begin the bread roll recipe Subscribe to my channel And press the bell icon So you don’t miss any of my new videos For bread roll recipe we hve white bread Boiled potatoes Fine chopped capsicum Fine chopped onion Fine chopped green chilies salt Mango powder ( amchur ) Celery seeds (ajwain) Garam masala Water And cooking oil These are all the required ingredients for bred roll recipe Quantity taken will make 8 to 10 bread rolls If you wish to see or buy ingredients used by us in this video, check out the links in description below Firstly add and mash 3 large boiled potatoes in a mixing bowl Add 1 chopped green chili Salt 1/2 spoon or as per taste 1/3 rd spoon mango powder 1/3 rd spoon garam masala 1/3 rd spoon celery seeds 2 spoons fine chopped capsicum add 3 spoons of chopped onion, mix well to prepare stuffing for bread rolls Pour some water in a plate Cut off the edges of bread and wet it in water and then squeeze it dry Add stuffing and seal it Bred rolls are ready to fry to fry bread rolls add cooking oil in a frying pan When oil heats up add bread rolls and fry them Flip and fry from all sides every now and then slowly bread rolls will appear getting dark in color When they get golden brown in color, bread rolls are ready to be served Crispy from outside and soft from inside, serve these delicious bread rolls with tomato ketchup Hope you liked my bread roll recipe, if you liked my video then please press the like button Please subscribe to my channel as i keep bringing more such videos to you. Thank You