Welcome to Today we are making Shahi bread rolls which are really easy to make and takes very less time to cook. You can prepare this for any holiday or serve them as snacks in supper; everyone will surely relish eating these rolls. Let’s start with the procedure of making shahi bread roll. Let us start with preparing the stuffing for shahi bread rolls. We have 3 (300 to 350 grams) boiled potatoes. Peel the potatoes first. For making the stuffing, preheat a pan and then add 1 tbsp oil to it. Let the oil heat sufficiently. When the oil is hot, add ½ tsp cumin powder, ½ inch ginger (finely chopped) and reduce the flame to prevent browning of spices. Then add 2 finely chopped green chilies, 1 tsp coriander powder, less than ¼ tsp turmeric powder and sauté the spices for a while. Now add green peas to it. We have used frozen peas but you can use fresh peas as well if available. Now sauté the peas for a while. Crumble the potatoes finely and add them to the pan. Add rest of the spices as well. Start with adding ¼ tsp garam masala, ¼ tsp mango powder, ¼ tsp red chilly powder and more than ½ tsp salt or to taste. Mix everything really and sauté the stuffing. Mash the potatoes like this to make them finer. Stuffing is ready, turn off the flame now. Also add 1 tbsp raisins to the stuffing. We have 10 to 12 cashews, chop them roughly making four chunks from each cashew. Now add these chopped cashews to the stuffing as well and mix well. Also mix green coriander to the stuffing. Stuffing is now done and ready, transfer it to a separate bowl. Now let us cut off the edges of the bread slices like this from all the four sides. Likewise cut all the bread slices. You can use these leftover for making namkeen or add them to the milk and serve it to your pet. Make small balls from the stuffing like this. Roll these balls in long shape as the bread rolls are little long in shape. Likewise prepare dough balls from the stuffing. Let us prepare ten dough balls from the stuffing. Leftover stuffing can be used for any other recipe. Add ½ to ¾ cup of water in a plate and let us start with preparing the rolls. For this, lift one bread slice, dip it water from each side and squeeze like this with both hands to drain out the excess water. Place one stuffing ball over the bread slice and close it nicely. Seal it by lifting from all sides and press like this to make the roll with log shape. Place the prepared roll on a plate and likewise prepared rest of the rolls as well. We are done with preparing rolls, now let us deep fry them. We have heated the oil for frying the rolls. To check, gently slide one roll into the wok, if it starts roasting that means the oil is rightly hot. The oil for frying rolls should be heated well, else the rolls will absorb too much oil. Fry the bread roll until it gets golden brown in color from all sides. Flip the sides using a ladle. The bread has turned golden brown in color from all sides, drain it out. Hold the ladle like this over the wok so that the excess oil drains back to the wok. Drain out the roll over a plate and likewise fry rest of the rolls as well. Flip the sides and fry the rolls until they get golden brown. We are done with frying all the bread rolls and it takes 5 to 6 minutes for frying rolls at once. Let us serve the rolls. We can serve the rolls like this but you can also cut them prior serving. Cut the rolls in small chunks like this. So if you are preparing these rolls for any special occasion then cut them in small chunks and serve. Everyone will relish eating these rolls. Lip smacking, mouth drooling shahi bread rolls are ready. These rolls are crispy outside and soft inside with spicy and tantalizing stuffing. Serve these super yummy shahi rolls with green coriander chutney, tomato chutney or any other chutney as per your taste. You can even prepare a chaat with these bread rolls. For this take a plate, place two bread rolls over it, pour green coriander chutney, sweet chutney over the rolls and sprinkle some cumin powder, black salt, red chilly powder and sev namkeen. We have prepared these rolls with white bread but you can also use brown bread for making these rolls. Making these rolls is really easy. While frying bread rolls, make sure that the oil is heated well else the rolls will absorb too much oil. You will be able to make perfect bread rolls. Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with See you soon with another delightful recipe. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.