1 Bowl of Boiled Potatoes 1 Bowl of Indian Snack Mixture 5-6 Regular Bread Small Bowl of Green Capsicum Small Bowl of Chopped Onions Small Bowl of Chopped Cabbage A small piece of Ginger Cooking Oil Small Bowl of Black Pepper Salt Samll Bowl of Chaat Masala Small Bowl of Chopped Green Chillies Add Boiled Potatoes in a Bowl Bowl of Chopped Cabbage Bowl of Chopped Onions Bowl of Chopped Green Capsicum 1/4 tbsp of Black Pepper Salt to Taste 1/4 tbsp of Chaat Masala 1 tbsp of Green Chillies Add more if you like Spicy 2-3 tbsp of Indian Snack Mixture Mash the Mixture Well Grate the Ginger Piece & Mash again Now Add Water in a plate Take out the Brown borders of Bread Soak in Water Now Press with Both Hands to take Water out Stuff the Mixture & Shape it like a Roll You can also give Ball Shape to it Similarly Make other Rolls too Take Cooking Oil in a Pan When the Oil gets hot Deep Fry the Rolls till Brown Colour Use Paper Napkin in a plate to soak out extra Oil Garnish with Tomato Sauce while Serving Enjoy the Bread Rolls While Watching FIFA WORLD CUP!!!