Welcome ladies and gentlemen, my name is Adam Webber from Panasonic, and I’m here to tell you about all the fantastic new breadmakers coming to the market to you soon. Who doesn’t love to wake up to the smell of fresh bread, and thanks to the Panasonic breadmakers and their self-timer, you’ll be able to set this up so every single morning you’ll be able to wake up to the smell of that fresh bread, all made to your own requirements. Now, the great thing about these breadmakers is not only can you make bread at any time of the day, but you can also make it to your own requirements. Cutting out on the salt and the sugar, but also being able to add your own fruit and nuts, thanks to the independent raisin and nut dispenser. And to give you the best loaf possible, we’ve also given you an independent yeast dispenser because the temperature sensors inside are going to insure that you get the perfect loaf every single time. Now, we don’t only make fantastic bread, this device will also allow you to make jam, comport, or even bake cake inside as well. And if you have dietary requirements, so if you are gluten-free, this product will also allow you to make these gluten-free breads as well. On top of this, and also we’ve added some brand new programs. Be it the rustic sourdough, the rustic artisan, rustic scone, and soda bread recipes as well. And all of this in one simple device. And the one I’ve got in front of me is the SD-ZB2512. As you can see, it’s been styled to match the rest of the Panasonic premium range in its lovely stainless steel and the black. But of course everyone does enjoy making their own bread, so with this device you’ll be able to set it up to make your own medium, large or extra-large loaves, and also be able to choose whether you want a light, medium or dark crust. For more information, go to www.panasonic.com.