In this video, we’re going to talk about nurturing
your team members. No matter what team member it is, whether it’s a supplier, an employee,
an intern, a partner, customer, the idea is “Can we create a situation in our business
where we are nurturing and adding value?” Really, that word means helping people grow
to be the best version of themselves. Business owners that make this a priority commonly
experience explosive growth because everybody wants to be a part of that and everybody wants
to help them and work with them. You can always tell a business that is nurturing people because
everybody’s excited to be part of that business. Customers are excited to rave about it. People
within the organization are excited to go to work. They show up excited to build and
grow and help people versus showing up annoyed, complaining. Think about the different organizations
you run. Think about the different customer service organizations you’ve been part of.
Think about restaurants you’ve been to. You can always tell by how customers treat you
how the employers treat the customers. The reality is that if you want to have a great
customer experience, you’re going to treat everybody in a standpoint of nurturing and
mentoring. If you want to build an organization everybody’s psyched to be part of, then all
you need to do to learn to nourish your partners is go to Again,
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