Namaste! I have already shown you the
recipe of Butter Chicken.. ..and the response that we received is amazing! But, some are mutton lovers! So, today I thought of showing
Butter Mutton! We have 500 grams mutton. I have rinsed it well. These aren’t boneless pieces. Now, let’s apply the masalas
for marinating it. Let’s add half tsp turmeric powder. Next, 1 tbsp red chilli powder. Half tsp garam masala. After that, salt to taste. 1 tbsp ginger and garlic paste. Now, let’s mix everything nicely using hands. This has been mixed well,
now let’s saute it in the butter. Take 1 tbsp butter in a pan.. ..and some oil too as butter
tends to burn if used solely. Add about half a tsp of oil. Now, let’s switch on the stove. Butter has melted. Let’s add marinated mutton to it. We don’t need to marinate it for an hour
or so; we are cooking it instantly. Stir fry it nicely. Let it cook for sometime and not for too long
as later we will cook it in a pressure cooker. This has been nicely stir fried. Now, let’s prepare some gravy
in the cooker and add mutton to it. Let’s switch off this stove.. ..and switch on this one. Let’s add 1 tbsp butter and
1 tbsp oil to it. Butter has melted,
let’s add some coriander now. Now, let’s add 1 finely chopped onion. Let’s fry it nicely and let it soften. Onion has softened, now
let’s add puree of a 1 large sized tomato. Time to add mutton to it. Mix it well. Now, let’s add half a cup cream to it. This is fresh cream. Also, add a cup of water. Mix it nicely. This has been nicely mixed.. now let it cook in the pressure
cooker for 4 whistles and wait till it’s done! Let’s check mutton is cooked. It’s nicely done. Let’s add 1 tsp honey.. ..and mix it once again. Finally, add some coriander. Let’s remove it. The aroma has filled the room.. ..and everyone’s including me is waiting
to dig in, as you all know well that I love non veg! So, do try it! To know more such tasty recipes keep
watching Ruchkar Mejwani with Archana!