Iloilo – The CIty of Love It is undeniable that the City of Iloilo continues to improve over the years and along with these developments many business venture also came about Have you noticed that there have been countless coffee shops all around the city? Cafe Diem If you are a true coffee lover for sure by now you know that the name of this coffee shop is a play on the Latin words Carpe Diem which means “Sieze the day.” even from the vintage-like facade of the cafe
you’ll see a big statement above saying and tell me if you weren’t enticed The cafe’s main branch is apparently in Miag-ao, Iloilo and truth be told I wouldn’t have found out about them if they haven’t opened a branch here in the City They just celebrated their 2nd anniversary
last December 2016 after they have opened their City Branch a
month before that or so I’ve heard. I was not surprise to find that there are
already many customers inside and despite all the laptops set up, I still
see a table full with a group of friends talking to each other rather
than looking at their gadgets Truly this place is engaging I was just craving for a taste of Ice Cream that day so I asked if their Smore in a Core is available with a side of Grilled PB&J A la Mode The Smore in a Core is a classic chocolate mug cake Mug Cakes- I’m not really a fan of. I always feel like only the ice cream saves the day. Anyway, I was inspired to create a No-Bake version of this. To make Smores you only need three ingredients Graham Crackers, Marshmallows and Chocolate Now we will melt our chocolates First, we will heat up our milk and then pour it over our chopped chocolates This is optional But first we will decorate our cup MUG! We will dip our mug to the melted chocolate and then decorate it however you like Here, I’m using chopped white chocolate Now, we will prepare our marshmallows You can use mini marshmallows, large marshmallows and what ever flavor you like Take your marshmallows and put it in a heat proof container Then, we’ll melt it in the oven Now, we will prepare our Graham Crackers You can use the whole Grahams or you can use crushed Now, that we have the three Smore’s elements Graham, melted marshmallows and chocolate What? It’s time to assemble In our decorated mug, we will sprinkle about 2 tsp of Graham cracker crumbs Then, we will drip over some melted dark chocolate Layer this with some more graham cracker crumbs then top it off with the melted marshmallows Resist eating this mixture, please Continue layering until you achieve your desired Smore in a Core Lastly, we will top it off with some… Vanilla Ice Cream and of course it won’t hurt to put smoree melted chocolate