G’day Ryan from the cast iron boys last year we made ultimate use of a possible campaign, we raised enough funds
successfully to produce our Camp Oven USB we also I’m managed to go above and beyond on what we initially asked for to produce the packing for it as well this year we need your help again we are putting together a 48-page cookbook called Camp Oven the essential recipe collection basically Mick, Nick and myself Have sat down and put together a listed recipes that we belive is the quintessential basics that you can use when you are on a weekend away or that long trip around the country
you don’t need exotic ingredients like camel or emu or coyote all you need is a fire and a camp oven and basic necessities so how can you help using possible we’ve got everything from a one-goal
pledge right through to a $200 pledge A dollar is a simple thank you on our website you can buy the cookbook ahead of time you can buy mates packs
with two cookbooks a couple of stubby coolers for you and a freind we’ve even got package for commercial use ten cookbooks twenty cookbooks depending on what you think you can use and
how you can best help us to find out how you can help us jump on our Web site
www.castironboys.com go to a possible check out our campaign and and don’t forget if you cant
help financially share it with your friends and let everyone
know about it, i belive and the cast iron boys belive that this cook book is one of those essential things that you will be able to hang on and appreciate for a long time thanks for watching