Hey guys retired at 40 I’m always trying to do new things Especially when it comes to YouTube because there’s so many things that have been Done and redone and it’s always nice to see something different. So my son is having a birthday coming up and I thought to myself. Well, I’ve never made a cake on the trigger before so today I’m gonna make a Pikachu pokémon cake on the trigger Okay, so my son wants a strawberry cake we’re gonna use a boxed cake mix but we’re gonna add a little bit of Turbo charge to it so if you want to follow along with that you can otherwise you can just skip ahead to where I actually put it on the grill so the first thing we need is a cake mix white cake mix and Then we’re gonna add half a cup of water to that We’re gonna add 3 tablespoons of flour We’re gonna add 3/4 of a cup of oil I’m using canola oil and we’re gonna give that a little mix All right, this is where it gets interesting we’re gonna add 3 ounces of a jello package, which is Basically half of what’s in here And we’re using strawberry Jell-o Okay, then we’re gonna do four eggs and We’re going to give that a mix Right now this is all mixed together We’re gonna add one cup of fresh strawberries or if you don’t have fresh strawberries, you can use frozen strawberries Now we’re going to pour this into I’m doing two pans because it’s a Pikachu cake We need a circle and then we need a section for the ears. So As with any thing you put on the traeger Make sure it’s something that you don’t mind if it gets smoke stained or whatever because it probably will All right. These are ready the traeger is hot. Let’s take them out there Okay, that’s going to bake for 45 minutes on 350 on the traeger Alright there’s 45 minutes exactly. They look just about perfect. I’m gonna pull these off So the only difference that I see in the traeger is that you’re obviously going to get a little bit of smoke and it’s gonna Make the outside and the underside of the pan smoky or just almost have like a crust on it Which actually kind of works to your advantage if you’re icing it we cut Pikachu’s ears out and then we stuck it in the freezer So it’s a little bit more firm and it makes it easier to ice Well, we’ve learned two things from this the first is that I am NOT a cake decorator The second is that you can actually bake pretty well on a traeger We’ll take a bite of this later at the birthday party. We’ll keep you posted Well, thanks for watching my mediocre attempt at baking a cake on the trigger until next time remember live life simple We’ll catch you next week