Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen today i’m going to show you how to make some caramel choux buns aka profiteroles
as requested by svajunas seikus they look amazing right and trust me they taste gorgeous
too so much so that they are actually pulling me in right now so i’m glad i’m talking to
you guys and I also want to have some fun with you guys too and some of my youtube friends
too you’ll notice there’s a little hashtag down there that says ‘deleBAKE’ think of delegate
and then change it to deleBAKE i’ll tell you a little bit about that at the end and I want
you to get involved ok so hopefully you’ll wanna try out these choux pastry buns when
you think of choux pastry don’t think of shoes think of these gorgeous things if you wanna
have a go at making this hit pause on the video now and write all the ingredients down
this is how you do it. First up in a saucepan you want to merge together
the water and the butter so under a low flame keep mixing it until the butter is all melted
and merged in together and as soon as it starts to bubble take that pan off the heat dump
in your flour stir it through with a spatula and it should start to form a nice sticky
ball once it gets to that sticky ball stage you want to put it back on the heat just for
a minute to dry it out and then take that pan off the heat again and let it cool just
for 5 minutes with your pan nice and cooled pour in one of your beaten eggs and mix it
well together into that mixture you may feel like you are scrambling eggs at first but
just go with it and gradually add the remaining eggs until you’ve got a nice thick mixture
that’s still a little bit manouverable spoon small blobs of your choux pastry onto a greased
baking tray well spread apart and then give them a little brush of egg then whack them
in the oven and you’ll notice i’ve got a little ramekin at the bottom of that to help generate
steam. So just like old school trains steam plays a massive part in this recipe so inside
my ramekin there was some water so as it got hot it would steam the choux pastry to help
it rise – good times. Whilst the buns are baking whip up some double
cream in a bowl until nice and thick then mix in some vanilla and sugar then just keep
it in the fridge until you need it later. Now ive got to tell you when you first get
those buns out of the oven they are going to look amazing golden brown and risen and
full of air but after a while it’s gonna go down the air is gonna go out of it naturally
but it’s gonna sag, a little bit like a witches with your choux buns fully cooled flip them
over and make a little incision in the bottom of them using a sharp knife and just fill
them with the double cream you whipped earlier using a piping bag once they’re all done just
plonk in the fridge while we make a caramel topping. Our caramel topping was made by mixing
together in another saucepan under a low flame, brown sugar, milk and butter once it’s all
melted crank the heat up a little bit and it will start to bubble away and this is good
my friends it’ll start to caramelise you wanna remove that from the heat at that stage and
add in your icing sugar mixing it all through until it’s fully blended and once it is that’s
the caramel topping all done. Now before the grand finale it’s time to lay
down a recipe challenge to you i’m gonna deleBAKE to you a recipe challenge baking so what I
want you to do is bake your favourite sweet / savoury dessert and just take a picture
of it or do a video response to this that’ll be amazing and hashtag it in your title deleBAKE
just like I have easy peasy and lets get some of my favourite youtube friends involved um,
felicitaspizarro, frenchguycooking, the chiappas and cooking with amber they you go theres
four of them right there I want to see your attempt guys send them back to me lets get
some hashtag action going on tag me in there aswell if you want to i’d love to see what
you come up with – lets finish these buns off. So with our caramel topping nice and
cooled I grabbed our gorgeous choux buns from the fridge whacked them on a wire rack and
began to drizzle over that caramel I let it settle then grabbed some extra chocolate sauce
with some zigzags on top and oh my goodness it tasted good!
Oh my goodness guys for those of you that follow me on instagram you would have known
i’d described these as a firework taste explosion in your mouth and it is just that they are
so good so fresh very naughty make them eat them then go for a huge run and feel better
about yourself so I really hope you get involved in deleBAKING make it for yourself show me
what you do show my youtube friends what you do and then share it with your friends with
a challenge get them baking too – lets see what we can do! Hashtag it up, oh my God i’ve
got to go for a run see you next time.