hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with cast-iron cornbread that’s right there’s not many things easier to
make than cornbread which is why it’s such a perfect choice when you need to
bring something to do a barbecue or a cookout oh and by the way if you stop
watching the video because you don’t have a cast-iron pan
you should start watching again because you do not need a cast-iron pan to make
this but anyway like I was saying this is the perfect thing to bring to a
barbecue because it’s simple to make everybody loves it and it’s way way
cheaper than bringing meat although that last reason for bringing it we should
probably keep to ourselves but anyway let’s go ahead and get started by
melting a dangerously large amount of butter in this cast-iron skillet that we
have set over medium heat and the game plan here is once it’s melts we’re going
to use half in the batter and then leave half in the pan to bake the cornbread in
so all we need to do is wait for this to melt and then simply turn off the heat
and reserve it till needed and then what we’ll do once our butters melted is move
on to this extremely simple batter which we will start with some stone ground
cornmeal or at least that’s how it was sold to me I would love to tour one of
these cornmeal factories to see if they’re really using stones I have a
feeling that’s just an expression but anyway to our possiblys don’t ground
cornmeal we will add some salt as well as a little shake of cayenne just a
little shake and then we’re also gonna want to add some kind of sweetener here
which is usually white sugar or sometimes brown sugar but I really do
prefer honey I just think it gives it a little more interesting flavor plus
keeps the local bees busy and then after our honey we will plop in a couple large
eggs I’ve always felt plop is an underrated
food verb and then after the eggs we’re going to need some kind of dairy product
which could be many things and my case is going to be buttermilk and then once
that’s in we’ll go ahead and give this a quick mix before adding the rest of the
ingredients and by the way how much milk or buttermilk you add at this point is
going to determine the final texture of your cornbread all right since I don’t
really like dry corn breads I’m gonna use a good amount here but if you do
prefer something a little drier and crumbly you can definitely cut that back
and I will be touching on that in the blog post and then once that’s combined
we’ll go ahead and add some self-rising flour which as you all know is just
regular flour with some baking powder milled into it
the reason I like to add this after everything else is mixed is because the
more you mix this white flour the more gluten you develop and if you over mix
it your Brack and get a little tough and chewy so by mixing everything first and
then this at the end I think it might help us avoid that issue so a pretty
smart strategy if I do say so myself unless of course you forget to mix in
half the butter which I did but that’s okay these things happen so I went ahead
and added exactly half that melted butter from the pan and don’t measure
just I it and I thought by spooning it over like this I would minimize the
amount of mix he needed and I went ahead and stirred that in own in case you’re
wondering which you really should be we could have added half our melted butter
right when we added our buttermilk that probably would have been the best time
and not to spoil the ending but this really didn’t have any negative effect
and then what we’ll do once all this is combined is grab a spatula and transfer
that into our cast iron pan which theoretically contains half the butter
we melted oh and I should mention you can actually make everything up to this
point and then just wrap this tighten foil and then bring it to the barbecue
uncooked and finish it near or on the fire so just a little something to keep
in mind but anyway we’ll go ahead and transfer our batter in at which point we
will very carefully transfer this into the center of a 400 degree oven for
about 25 minutes or so or until it looks like this and if you want you could test
this with a toothpick and it should come out clean but you know what I didn’t
even bother cuz I knew this was done and if you’re thinking hey it looks like you
have some burn spots those are actually milk solids from the butter that have
formed some caramelized crumbs on the top and if those bother you and/or
you’re going to take some pictures you go ahead and brush those off although
they really don’t provide any off taste so this really is 100% unnecessary and
then whether you’re Crum brushing or not you should probably let this cool down a
little bit before you slice it alright warms good in room temp skid but
I’m not a big fan of cutting baked goods while they’re piping hot but anyway you
decide you are for all the Jason Bourne a blend eat your bread made from corn
but personally I do let it cool down which this has so I’m gonna go ahead and
cut a piece and as usual the first piece is the hardest to cut without screwing
it up but as you can see it actually came out pretty well although it did
kind of crack in half into two pieces which I took as a sign D one of them
that my friends was a great couple bites of cornbread all right it was tender and
delicate without being too crumbly and sort of dense and moist without being
too heavy and as promised the tank from the buttermilk balances the sweetness of
the honey perfectly so I really do love this version and I deemed it worthy to
sit next to some smoked brisket and baked beans and greens and even though
it already had almost too much butter I decided to spread a little more on the
top as tradition dictates and yes if I was smart I would warm that back up so I
could get the always provocative melting butter money shot but still even cold
with maybe too much butter it still was magnificent and I should add is easy to
adapt all right if I’m serving this with some barbecue maybe I do a more savory
version that’s a little bit on the moister side whereas if I’m gonna serve
it with a spicy chili I might do a drier version that has a little more sweetness
to balance the spice but regardless whether you make it as is or tweak it to
your tastes I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to food
wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as
always enjoy you