Excuse me. Oh, yes? Do you know where
room 17 french is? Girl:
Yeah, it’s… (snickering) (school bell ringing) Boy:
But you frickin’
killed him. (loud indistinct conversation) You selling
encyclopedias? Yeah, he looks like
a substitute teacher. (boy laughing) (loud conversation
and laughter continues) Quiet down, people! My name is mr. Abagnale! That’s abagnale,
not abagnahlee Not abagnaylee,
but abagnale! Now, somebody please
tell me where you left off In your textbooks. Excuse me, people,
if I need to ask again I’m going to write up
the entire class. Take your seats! Chapter seven. Will you please open your
textbooks to, uh, chapter eight And we’ll get started? Excuse me,
what’s your name? Brad. Brad, why don’t you
get up here In front of the class here And read conversation
number five? (pronouncing poorly):
“les francais sonts“uh, generalement(students laughing)
“dans leur pais que…Presque tout le monde
a cette impression…”They sent for me. They said they needed
a sub for roberta. I came all the way
from-from dixon. Well, uh,
I always sub for roberta. Excuse me,
why aren’t you reading? (continues reading) I’ll never come back to-to
bellarmine jefferson again! (students laughing)
you tell them not to call me! What do they think,
it’s easy for a woman my age And all the money that it costs
to travel? I tell you,
they don’t give a damn. (students laughing)