do line I’m Hi guys ! im laura vitale on this episode of lauren in the kitchen im going to show you finally! how to make garlic bread and it has been so highly requested i thought ok long enough im just going to get down to it now this recipe is a recipe near and dear to my heart its the recipe we use in our resturants for many years its a recipe my father came up with and i still use it to this day i absolutely love it its easy its simple but its the ultimate ok before we get started lets go read the ingredients your gonna need some whole cloves of garlic that have been peeled some fresh parsley some shredded
mozzarella how you can use provalone some freshly grated parmesan reggiano olive
oil salt pepper and of course your going to need some bread and I’m using just a loaf of italian bread just like this and its that simple now first thing we are going to do is get you oven to 400 degrees get that ready for you second thing you’re gonna cut your bread in this is how my father Taught me how to cut rolls years and years ago like 14 when he taught me. you take your roll and
every roll will have a flat side in the side that’s a bit
more rounded and the flat side its rounded at the
site gonna cut in you not to cut all the way gonna cut it like so it opened up like a
book you just start right up here the sharp serrated knife and then you just make one big swoop and there you have your perfectly cut bread at this is what you gonna need and
that’s ready okay so set that aside fan it out set that right there don’t worry about it now in this little
tiny little food processor you can also make this in a blender this
would definitely work in a blender you can add a whole bunch of garlic some
fresh parsley and what we’re making if like garlic oil
and this garlic oil we used for everything I make
my base for my garlic bread with this i toss garlic knots and brush on top of
a focacha roll so so good you can use it to saute things this just might go to garlic oil and
if you want to you I will make a separate video on and just on the garlic
oil so you can always go back to being just that recipe
so let me know if you’re interested in that but here he also want to add a olive oil and it’s gonna take about a quarter to a
half a cup olive oil and it’s not gonna be super look what do
you like its gonna have a good texture to it which is exactly what you want for just put that right in there and now
it’s time to cover this and give it away so here we go the that looks good to me now I’m just going to pour this into a
little ball like well should probably have that too alright that’s okay that had a skit you take your garlic oil that’s not just a so amazing it smells fantastic in going to smear this on your bread on both sides and you’re probably not
going to be using the whole thing but I’m telling you keep this on hand in your fridge for any time you just think despite something up just
give this a nice smear that looks incredible to me
already brings back a lot of memory I now I’m
just going to close the gap and bracket aluminum foil and I have my
other preheated 400 I’m gonna put near for about minutes self nachdem except Harry go that been any other format panini 400 great snubbed currently already and now I’m
gonna kill in this cup open this up again are look at back %uh that is amazing so the next step is to take your shredded mozzarella or
provolone or if you want to use teeth don’t but
I’m really don’t know why you would want to because it gets so incredibly cheesy and
delicious yumminess I don’t know why you wanna
skip the step but just sprinkle this all over the top begin doing generously
or stingy as you like I vote for generously but to each his
own and then we’re going to Great Thou I’m
down to John over the top because upcoming are just some ninety and salty in fact I don’t even know I had the
South Africa’s I mean put salt in this recipe because you don’t need a for just go ahead in great from Tommy
John John all over the top that’s great gonna put some factor for over the top and I’m going to return it to the oven
to 400 degrees for another 10 minutes or so or into the Jesus so like all knotted in
between the militia now if that’s not be most
delicious thing you have ever seen that I don’t know what is I mean bad I don’t
even know what to say that it it unbelievable bed probably they have
to wait like 10 minutes before you can peel it up to so hot but I gotta go straight into this remove this are the highway well boy look at that and I can do want
two things you can take each piece and you can cut
it which is what I’m gonna do or you can just like my dad with you
with it say much to everything back together and
then cut it like that but I like it this way I’m such a rebel if you haven’t noticed
but hey hat well it’s like sidestepping at the
board look active beauty get now which one do
i won I thing on this one now it’s gonna be really really hot some that have to sit
there 5-10 minutes go I did my fellow why I thank my dad in this one it’s like it’s got i cant if she do but the center stuff well I think that
the outside has the ridiculous delicious crossed I it from making
actually making it twice because it back to the first time wrapped up what a start to get crusty
and I think it the second time again which like completely finished it with
out of this world garlic bread you have to make this like I’m likes I did it can even talk anymore I do enjoy playing time with me to get
this incredible recipe and others got a double double double
double our tickets now calm getting your Amazing BakeD Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe kitchen make yourself until garlic bread
dispatching requirement the on-field you should nothing next time about one 1 in