Hello! You are welcome
to your favorite show… …the name of which is, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. That means yours, mine
and everybody’s cooking… …that is, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. So what are we going to
prepare in today’s episode… …of ‘Aapni Rasoi’… Right now I am getting
an aroma of something… …but even then we will
ask Varsha Vimadalal… …our celebrity chef. – Varsha, hi, how are you today?
– Good. Absolutely fine! Absolutely fine! Varsha is very fine. Today I think as you have kept
oil in a pan on the gas to heat… …that means you are going
to prepare a fried item. Yes! We are going to prepare
‘Bhajiya’ (Fritters). Oh, wow! These Chinese fritters that
we are going to prepare… …that is again a fusion. We are going to prepare
them with gram flour. I have tried to make
something different… …so I hope all of you will like it. – Come on, let us begin then.
– Okay. I have kept this oil to heat and as
it is hot now we will keep it here… …that means we will keep
it on a slow flame. First of all this is spring onion
which I have cut like a flower. We have to take big florets
like this and we have to… …separate them with
our hands like this. We will mix capsicum in this now. And now we will apply slight salt to this. I will now add ginger, garlic and
green chillies paste to this. We should add a generous
amount of this paste. And now I will take this into a
bowl to mix and marinate it. In this way we have to mix it. In the same way this is onion and
we will spread salt on it like this. And after sprinkling salt on
it we should keep it aside… …for five to seven minutes. We will marinate the onions
with Schezwan sauce. We have added ginger, chillies
and garlic in this paste. And we have prepared Schezwan
sauce as we prepare it. So, we will marinate them
with this Schezwan sauce. And with a very light hand we
have to apply it on the onions… – …so that it spreads evenly on the onion.
– It spreads evenly. It looks like a nice red flower. Very nice… and you must apply it
slightly on the stem as well. And then place it again back
in the bowl to marinate. We will again apply on
this flower as well. The petals of this flower are very small. Consider this is a bud and this one is… – Bloomed flower!
– …a full bloomed flower. Now, we have to add a little
gram flour in these fritters. We will add a little gram flour, a
little Sooji and a little corn flour. So now you will have to help me. You will have to add a
little gram flour to this. We don’t have to make a
batter but we have to take… …dry gram flour. – Right! I was
going to ask you the same thing. I thought we will have to dip this
in the batter and then fry it… …like we usually fry fritters. – But I think this is something different.
– This is a different style. That’s enough! We will add a
little Sooji to this now. That’s enough. And now
add a little corn flour. That’s enough. We have to now mix this very lightly. Never mind if a little
Schezwan is added to this. These are nearly coated with gram
flour, sooji and corn flour. We will now fry them. The oil should be kept hot and ready. You can get to hear a
nice sound of frying. And I think the aroma
also seems very nice. The aroma is too delicious. That is because ginger, garlic and
green chilli paste is applied to it. And there is also salt, sooji, gram flour…
– There is gram flour… So when all these things blend
together well and fritters… …are made out of them that
too looks very delicious. And I am sure that they will be
crispy and delicious in taste. We have marinated the
onions with this sauce… …and they are nicely marinated. What we have to do now is we
will take a little gram flour… …and then it is the same process. We will again add a little sooji
and then a little corn flour. We will now add the mixture of
ginger, garlic and green chillies… …which we have coarsely pounded. We will add a little salt now. We have already added salt to
the onion but we will add salt… …only for this mixture that
we are going to make now. We have to mix all this very lightly. We will not add water to this as well. We have prepared a mix powder like this. And now we will have to
slowly sprinkle this powder… …on the onions so that
the gram flour mixture… …spreads evenly on all the florets. And we will sprinkle the
extra powder from top. As you can see now the gram
flour mixture has got coated… …evenly on the flower. We will fry this now. As the oil is hot we will
put it in the oil to fry. In the same way we will
process the rest of them. When they get fried
well, you just think… …when they are fried and ready
how good they will look… – I know…
– The aroma is so delicious. The aroma is so delicious.
These fritters look so good. There is only one thing
lacking and that is tea. I will prepare that myself. I
will have the fritters as well. But all of you please don’t wait. Quickly go into your kitchen and
prepare these delicious fritters. So, you can have these piping hot
fritters not only during monsoon… …but any time of the year. And you get tea with them
then there is nothing like it. Right now I am going to make tea
and enjoy the delicious fritters. All of you also prepare tea at home
and taste these delicious fritters. Offer them to your family,
neighbours, relatives and friends… …and only then allow me to
say good-bye in ‘Aapni Rasoi’… …because this was today’s recipe. I will be back with one more
exciting recipe for you… …in ‘Aapni Rasoi’ on Shemaroo Gujarati.