Howdy folks how’s it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen it’s Barry here and I am here with my little Daughter Chloe you alright mate?
yeah she’s alright it’s food revolution day on the 16th May and we’ve been asked to show
you how to make eggy bread which is so simple even a two Year old can do it right? yeah
let’s do it. She’s just got straight into it that is salt
and then we’re going to put some pepper in the bowl too we’re doing this in a bit of
a crazy reverse order this is how Chloe wants to do it we’ve got some milk here too 2 tablespoons
of that the only tricky thing she is gonna need help with that’s it pour it in do you
wanna whisk it? stir it yes! She’s gonna need help cracking the eggs now so it’s 2 large
eggs going in there good times. What goes in next mate? eggs, that’s right
lets get some in, Right here goes i’m gonna help Her with this
we’ve got 2 large eggs so we’ll give them a little smash on there to break the egg so
there we go put the shell in there no! Ok don’t put the shell in the bowl.
Right we’ll have to do another shell inspection on that in a minute anyhow second egg lets
do that again here we go oh yes put the shell in there yes – now whisk it away get your
whisk. Right folks you can add anything you like
to this mixture but we’ll keep it quite plain for the moment basically because we have been
told to we’ve got a nice tin here because it’ll be easier, tip the bowl mate, tip the
bowl that’s gonna make it easier to dunk our bread and yeah she’s already in the zone dunk
your bread put it in keep going put it all in like that both hands in there, she’s just
eating the bread oi stop eating the bread you are supposed to dunk it take it out then
good girl just put it there you can do it ok so that was pretty close Chloe is out of
the way while I do this dangerous bit i’ve got the eggy bread here and our nice hot oil
we’ll put it in away from ourselves like this oh my goodness let it sit in there and bubble
away around about a minute either side so it goes nice and golden brown alright that’s
just been over a minute lets give this a turn over oh my goodness super golden brown repeat
it the other side then we’ll put on some kitchen towel.
Amazing so i’m placing it on there you can see i’ve already done the other piece of bread
let’s just dab it with a little bit of kitchen towel and it’s time to serve it up.
Alright so just to spoil them i’ve put a little bit of cinnamon on there and i’m just gonna
drizzle on just a teeny bit of golden syrup just like that and they’ll love that!
Righty ho then folks it was a little bit of a sweet treat adding the golden syrup and
cinnamon for them are you enjoying that? yeah is it good? Chloe do you like it? yeah!
You made that she’s like a little chef 2 Year old chef and Phoebe’s going to be in the next
video we’ve been asked to do remember get involved on food revolution day #frd2014 it’s
all about cooking with kids, we love that right yeah and she’s loving it must be a bit
crazy with the pepper but it’s all good if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give
it a thumbs up share subscribe and comment we’ll see you again next time right? Let me
have some! Say bye chloe, bye , say bye mate, bye mate