Marie Gold Biscuit (20pcs) Milk (1/2 cup) Coffee Powder (2tbsp) , Sugar (2tbsp) To make chocolate mixture Cocoa powder (3tbsp), Melted Butter (50 gram) vanilla essence (1tsp) Sugar powder (1/2 cup) Chocolate Icing Dark Chocolate (130gram) Amul Butter (30gram) Let’s start preparing biscuit cake First we will make coffee misture Take a boul add half a cup of milk in it add coffee powder in it add sugar powder and mix well keep it aside Keep a bowl on gas and add butter in it I have melter butter already now we will add sugar powder in it powder and cutting it ain’t your much cocoa powder(1tbsp) mix well and make paste out of it fry for 2-3 min on low flame paste is ready keep it to cool down Now we will melt chocolate Make a double boiler and add dark chocolate in it add butter to it Chocolate started melting stir little bit our chocolate is also melted add vanilla essence in chocolate mixture mix well Now we will make chocolate biscuit Take biscuit and deep inside coffee mixture keep on foil paper pour chocolate mixture on top of it Take another biscuit and repeat the process press little with finger and repeat the process for remaining biscuits we will repeat process for 10 biscuits or you last biscuit we will not add chocolate mixture on it We will repeat entire process and make another biscuit cake both the cake’s are ready. I have used 10 biscuit for each cake and last cake is left free Now we will pour melted dark chocolate on top of biscuit cake pour on second cake chocolates am leg is cook / curlier or we have covered with melted chocolate and freeze for 15 – 20 min after 20 mins we check our cake is set we can remove the foil paper now cut into two half’s Our biscuit cake is ready