All right, this is Chris with General Hydroponics. We are here to talk about CocoTek A+B today. This is our new two-part nutrient. It�s got extra-buffered calcium for growing
in coco and soil mediums. It is also very ideal for hydroponics as well. The simple two part is used in equal amounts
and it just sensed through the growth, so it�s very easy to use, especially for people
who don�t want to have too many bottles in their garden. It�s available in a grow and a bloom formula
and it�s working very well for all hydro growers and soil growers everywhere. It�s basically a bunch of very active types
of nitrogen, phosphorous, chelated iron, chelated micronutrients as well. It�s ideal for coco. It�s what it�s designed for, but it�s
available very actively in soil mediums as well, hydroponics. You can use it in Grodan or clay media with
no problem.