So these are preserved lemons that I made
last year and you make them by packing them into a jar very tightly with salt and spices
and lemon juice. And what you get is a very floppy malliable piece of lemon and you don’t
eat the pulp you take that off and this is the peel which you slice finely and you can
put it in dressings or tagines and it’s very good for marinating olives with as well. And
I like to use the liquor also in dressings it’s very tasty but bear in mind it is quite
salty, so when you’re cooking whatever you’re cooking, just go easy on the salt. I’m just going to sterilise these jars, so
we can do that by putting them in the oven at about 150 or something. So, you can just do preserved lemons just
with salt but that’s a bit boring so we’ll add some spices. We’ve got some bay leaves
here, some little chillies from Spain called guindillas, some cinnamon, some black peppercorns,
some allspice and some cloves. Preserving is an ancient method using salt
to preserve things so in the olden days when people didn’t have fridges, and lemons were
in season and they had a glut, they would preserve them, then they’d use them later
on. Having quartered these lemons, I’m stuffing them with salt and spices and I’m packing
them into jars, we’ll see how many we can get into a jar, as many as we can, really
pack them down, like that. You use these in tagines and you can also
use them for marinating olives, green olives and preserved lemons, really, really delicious
or chicken tagine with green olives and preserved lemons I love and also dressings. So I might
do a preserved lemon dressing with some fish say sardines, grilled sardines would be really
really good. Pack these lemons down now and you add lots of lemon juice and you may be
be shocked to see a jar of lemon juice but I’m not about to squeeze that many lemons
and it’s absolutely fine. So when you’re going to put them to bed, so to speak, every day
for a few days, just turn them and rotate the jar. You leave them for four to six weeks, four
weeks on the very inside but they keep for, practically forever, really.