Hi Bold Bakers! Do you remember my crazy cookie dough? One dough that made loads of different flavors
of cookies. I also made a crazy bread dough. Now these things were a huge success, so I
thought to myself, why not share another one with you, this time, crazy cupcakes. So let’s get started. So before we get started, the recipe for these
cupcakes can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com, along with all my other recipes, so make sure
you go over there and check it out. And if you haven’t already done so, make
sure you tap that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming videos. Okay, let’s start with our cupcakes. Now I am using a stand mixer, but you can
also use a hand mixer, and the best thing is, you can actually even make these by hand,
just make sure that your butter is nice and soft at room temperature. Into your mixer, add in your room temperature
butter, then all you want to do is turn on your machine to medium speed and just loosen
up that butter until it’s nice and soft. So after around two minutes, you want to go
ahead and pour in your sugar. Now we’re just gonna let this whip up until
it’s really light and fluffy. This is an important stage to making these
cupcakes. So this method is called creaming, and I like
to do this on a high speed so you get a lot of air in there, and it gives you lovely light
cupcakes. Okay that’s looking good, now we’re gonna
go ahead and add in the eggs, one by one. So this recipe is kind of like cupcakes 101,
the reason you want to add in the eggs one at time is because you want to make sure it’s
fully incorporated into the mix, then you can add in the other one. If you add them all in at the same time, it
can curdle your mixture, and you don’t want that. So high speed, one at a time. Okay, so all our eggs are in there, it’s
looking light and fluffy, so now I’m just gonna turn off my machine, and add in the
rest of my ingredients. So go ahead and add in your flour, a little
bit of baking powder to make them rise, and then a small amount of milk, just to give
you a nice, light cake. So now at this stage you know my rule, we
never want to beat in flour to a mixture because it ends up toughening our cakes and our cupcakes. So turn your machine on to just a low speed,
until you fold in all of that flour, and then stop. So now if you don’t eat eggs, don’t worry,
you can still make these cupcakes, you can add in any of my substitutions from my chart,
like mashed banana, apple, tofu, you’ve got lots of different options there and you
can still make lovely cupcakes. So there you go, that’s it, simple, easy
cupcake batter, now this is where things get really crazy, you can take this and make any
flavor of cupcake that you want, and I mean anything. I’m gonna show you some of my top favorites
now, we’re gonna start out with my personal favorite, a flavor that I think should never
be overlooked, it is a birthday cake cupcake. So now this mix makes 12 cupcakes, now to
flavor each one you want to take a quarter cup of your cupcake mix which is around a
generous four tablespoons, just go ahead and add that into your little bowl. So now birthday cake has a very distinct flavor,
it has a little bit of vanilla and almond extract. Now if you don’t have almond extract, you
can always leave it out, but I always recommend putting in a little bit of vanilla. So in you go, some vanilla first, and then
a little bit of almond extract, and then of course, you cannot have birthday cake without
loads of sprinkles, so in go my sprinkles, perfect. Then all you want to do is mix it up until
it’s all folded in. Just look at that, how simple it was to make
a Funfetti cupcake, now you can make just one or you can multiply the recipe to make
as many as you want. So now I’m just gonna set this aside and
we’re gonna move onto our next exciting flavor, it is a classic, and I absolutely
love it, it’s a lemon and blueberry cupcake. So just like before, add a quarter cup of
your batter into a small bowl. Next I’m going to zest over some fresh lemon,
who does not love fresh lemon? And then scatter in a few blueberries. Now with the blueberries, you can use fresh
or frozen, that is totally up to you. Then, mix it all together. Already this smells amazing. So now just in case you actually haven’t
seen my crazy cookie dough video, you have to check it out, it is one simple cookie dough
that makes loads of different flavors, double chocolate, best-ever chocolate chip, Funfetti,
so many cookies, I know if you like this video, you’re going to love it. And there you go, another cupcake flavor in
no time at all. Absolutely lovely. So now I’m gonna set this aside and we’re
gonna move on to our next cupcake, and this one will really show you how crazy this recipe
is, we’re going to make a carrot cake cupcake. So our cupcake batter goes into our little
bowl, next I’m going to add in some freshly grated carrot. Now for my carrot cake, I love raisins in
my carrot cake, you don’t like them, you can leave them out. But I’m definitely adding a few in there. Perfect. And then, chopped walnuts. Not everybody’s cup of tea, I love them. It gives nice texture, so I’m gonna add
a few in there too. You don’t like them, leave them out. And then of course a little bit of cinnamon,
because carrot cake has to have cinnamon. And then just mix all these ingredients together. So now you can see by now why I call this
crazy batter. You can add anything you like into it. Your favorite flavors, come up with your own
combinations, whatever you like. It’s only going to make these cupcakes better. Perfect. So there you go, one lovely carrot cake cupcake
ready to go. Now I’m gonna set this guy aside, and we’re
gonna move onto our next flavor, this one is a huge fan favorite around here on Bigger
Bolder Baking, it is a cookie and cream cupcake. So just like before, go ahead and add your
little quarter cup of cupcake batter into your bowl. Into our cupcake batter we’re gonna add
in crushed Oreos. Now I love Oreos, as you know, you’ve seen
me use them a million times on Bigger Bolder Baking, but you can use any type of cookie
you want, remember, get creative. That’s what Bigger Bolder Baking is all
about. Once they’re in there, just go in with your
spoon and mix them in. Now after doing a few flavors, I’m sure
that your creative wheels are turning, and you can think of so many different flavors
and I’m excited to see what you come up with. Because the ones that I’m showing you are
just suggestions, you make whatever you like. Okay, so set this guy aside and we’re gonna
move on to our next flavor, it’s an oldie but a goodie, it’s a chocolate and peanut
butter cupcake. So you know the drill now at this stage, into
this we’re going to add in our cupcake batter, and then we’re gonna add in some cocoa powder. Now I like to use unsweetened, dark cocoa
powder. And then just go ahead and stir that in. Now if you’re wondering where the peanut
butter is coming in, it’s going to be actually in the frosting, so if you don’t like peanut
butter, you can use a different frosting. What this is making here is just a regular
chocolate cupcake. Perfect. Now I’m gonna set this guy aside, just like
the others, and we’re gonna get started on our next flavor, this one was hugely requested,
it is a red velvet cupcake. So now the beauty of this flavor is that it’s
very similar to the chocolate cupcake. So into our bowl we add in our batter, we
add in a little bit of cocoa powder, and then we add in some red food dye. Now I’m using my homemade food dye, which
is really easy to make, it’s made with beets, or you can use a good quality store bought
one. And then all you want to do is just stir these
together. Now add in as much color as you want to get
the desired color that you’re looking for. A lot of people don’t know that red velvet
is actually a cocoa based cake, it’s not a red cake, it’s cocoa based, that’s why
you get that lovely dark rich color and flavor, perfect, look at that. So now I know my Bold Bakers are really creative
and here’s a fun thing you can do, you can make the whole batch chocolate, and then divide
it, add food coloring to one side, and then not to the other, so you get red velvet and
chocolate cupcakes out of one batch. Okay, so that’s our red velvet cupcake,
now we’re gonna pop these guys into our cupcake tin. Line your tin with cupcake liners, and then
go ahead and add in all over your batters. Now I like a really big cupcake, so go ahead
and fill these until they’re three quarters, if not a little bit more full, because you
want nice, big height from our cupcakes. Lovely. This is such a fun idea for a party or even
a sleepover, where everybody gets to make their own flavor. Okay, these are looking fantastic, now these
guys are ready to be baked off. Bake your cupcakes off at 350 degrees Fahrenheit,
or 180 degrees Celsius, for roughly 16-18 minutes or until firm on top. The cupcakes turned out even better than I
could’ve imagined, and I love how they’re all different colors and flavors. Now you can tell when your cupcake is done
if you push down in the middle and it’s firm, that means it is perfectly baked. Now I’m gonna set these guys aside and let
them go totally cold before we decorate them. So now decorating, this is my favorite part,
I’m gonna use two different types of frosting, my buttercream frosting, and my cream cheese
frosting. Both fantastic recipes, make sure you check
them out if you haven’t already done so, but you can decorate yours any way you like. I’m gonna start out by decorating my red
velvet cupcake. Now traditionally, you would have cream cheese
frosting, which is what I have, and I’m gonna pipe a big swirl on top, gorgeous. And here I just have a few crumbs of red velvet. I’m just gonna sprinkle those on top of
a little bit of extra color, to make it look really pretty. Gorgeous. So next we’re going to move onto chocolate,
now I said this was chocolate and peanut butter, so this is where the peanut butter comes in,
I added it into my buttercream frosting, and I’m gonna go ahead and pipe and nice, generous
swirl on top. I don’t know about you guys, but the frosting
to me is as good as the cake, so I like lots of it. Perfect. Then I’m gonna sprinkle over a chopped up
peanut butter cup. Just so you get that extra chocolate peanut
butter thing going on. Gorgeous, look at that. Beautiful. So next up, our lemon and blueberry cupcake. Now I’m gonna top this guy off with some
of my homemade buttercream frosting, and then for extra flavor and just to make it look
even prettier, I’m going to zest over some fresh lemon, and then finish it off with a
few fresh blueberries on top. Just look at that, it’s so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat. Okay, now let’s decorate our birthday cake
cupcake. So here I have some buttercream that I colored
with a little bit of green coloring, and I’m gonna pipe that on top, and of course finish
it off with some sprinkles. Now for my little Oreo cupcake, I’m gonna
go double Oreo, I put some in the frosting, and I’m just gonna pipe a big swirl on top,
and then just so you know for sure it’s an Oreo cupcake, I’m gonna place an Oreo
in on top. Fantastic. I think that says it all, doesn’t it? And then last but not least, our carrot cake
cupcake. Now traditionally it is always served with
a lovely cream cheese frosting, so that’s what I have here, gonna pipe a nice big amount
top, lovely. Then I have some crushed walnuts, nice. And then just for extra color and so you can
tell what it is, I have a little bit of grated carrot that I’m just gonna sprinkle on top. Beautiful! Just looking at these cupcakes just goes to
show you how crazy this recipe is. Whether you love chocolate, red velvet or
Funfetti, there is a cupcake here for everyone. Okay, I know I can try any of these but I
think I’m gonna try the chocolate and peanut butter. Oh, my gosh. This is my favorite cupcake recipe, and I’ll
tell you why. It is really light and moist. It’s not dense and it’s so easy to make,
and best of all, as you saw, you can flavor it any way that you want. Mm. I really hope you try out this crazy cupcakes,
and actually of my other crazy videos, and I’ll see you back here really soon for more
Bigger Bolder Baking. Mm.