See if it’s still raining. Is it still raining?
-It’s still raining. It’s been raining all morning. Are you still going to work? You can’t get there with all this rain. You think? No, of course not.
That road is impassable. It’s just mud on the road, you know. You went about it all wrong. The rainy season had already set in
when you started the roadworks. It’s not so bad. I went to the Netherlands in 2010. I stayed there for two and a half years
with my wife. My problems weren’t solved there,
so we came back again. I went back to my own country
so things would get better for us. We had originally intended… to get a residence permit there. But now that we haven’t succeeded,
we won’t just throw in the towel. My family has seven members. I have two sons, a wife,
I also have a daughter-in-law… and two grandchildren,
a boy and a girl. We want to improve our lives. We don’t want to leave Armenia. That’s for sure. If I had ever planned such a thing… I would have left for good,
but I can’t. I want to stay here. I’m trying to get something off the ground
whatever it takes. I’m not a quitter. People everywhere survive
the most terrible ordeals. That’s life. You can’t expect to go somewhere
and instantly produce results. There’s no such thing. This is true all over the world. You have to really get stuck in
to achieve something. Wherever you go,
nothing just falls into your lap. This is my workplace. I’m now preparing
and will check on the animals next. I always have something to do.
I’m never idle. When I open the stables in a minute
I’ll see what needs doing. I had forty sows here
that were all pregnant. And in Armenia forty pigs is no small fry. Provided you can get it
off the ground on your own. I couldn’t help it that they all died. This is pig feed. I have eight ducklings… nine chickens… This place was filled with pigs. They all died, except one. There was hardly enough space for
them. Suddenly they all got this red rash… and then they all died. It was March when they all died
at the same time. Only one sow remained. She had pigs here again. It was an old sow,
so I couldn’t keep her for long. These three piglets are for slaughter. Those four… are now pregnant. I’ll have to keep those a bit longer. I do everything myself.
I’ve organised everything myself. I do it on my own
and ask nobody for help. If my financial situation allowed it… if I could expand my farm… and if everything went according to plan… I could also hire some workers. But if I don’t have the means
to hire workers… how can I employ them? I have had them.
I’ve employed loads of them. When I still owned various businesses,
I employed around twenty people. But now I’m not able to hire workers. Somebody must genuinely want
to build something up from scratch… before I can trust them with the farm. If they’ve never built anything up,
it won’t work. Most people only think about money
in this situation. People don’t think: If he pays my wage,
I’ll take good care of him. They only think about money,
not responsibility. That’s why I don’t trust anybody. I have to get something established
first… and then we’ll see how things develop. I also know about flowers and trees. I want to build another greenhouse here. I have a big piece of land
to build my greenhouse on. If my finances allow. There’s some kind of crisis going on. It may or not pass. I don’t know. We’ll see if the conditions allow. It might materialise with a loan or a grant. That way I can stay here
and won’t have to leave. We’ll see. These four… I’m going to keep as sows. And these are the piglets. I believe that if I had the money… I would expand my farm. I would expand my farm nicely. If I had the money, I would go for it. When I started keeping pigs,
I had no real idea how it was done. Now I know much more
about the dos and don’ts. Last year I kept the same kind of pigs. I didn’t know so much back then. My piglets gave 20 kilos of meat. Now they yield 60 to 70 kilos of meat. So I’ve already got better
at breeding them. I’ll have to wait and see. Money is most important. Otherwise, we’re fine. If we go on like this, I’ll probably make it. If things go our way. It’ll be alright if we get some help. If we don’t get help, I’m not so sure. Nobody gets ahead without a little help. What’s crucial is that you’re motivated. If you’re motivated,
you can create something. If you’re not motivated,
you’ll never create anything.