Welcome back to my channel Smoking and
Grilling and today I’m getting ready to show you guys how to make a, hey I’m
gonna say this right now, listen, I know it’s a mouthful listen we’re gonna make
a Creole / Cajun Garlic Butter Shrimp hey I want you guys to do one
thing for me I want you guys to leave a comment down in the comment section
below and let me know tell me this do you know the difference between Cajun
and Creole that’s what I want to know you guys hey which I being said listen
this is an easy recipe you’re talking about I must say somewhere between 18
and 15 minutes you should be able to prep and cook and have it on a plate you
could serve this over uh you know some rice but I got a kicker for you I go
live to a white creamy mac and cheese with this on top hey I already had it
that way and I’m giving you guys a spoiler alert listen that video is
coming real soon hey what’s that beer say let’s go ahead
and break right into this video now as you can see right here I’m going over
the ingredients and as always always put the name as I grab the ingredients you
can see the name and then you can see the quantity so right now you just saw
the shrimp you saw the green onions that’s the top part the green part that
was for garnish I just showed you that was a minced garlic that was two
tablespoons of oil we got brown sugar that’s the Creole
seasoning right there that’s that sweet smoky Joe and right here we got creole
mustard if you can find that that works a Dijon mustard would be second and then
just a regular plain mustard will work just fine
low-sodium soy sauce in their idea we’ve got two tablespoons of butter and then
right here just so you guys can see you can see the labeling I will put a link
to you know where you can buy that down in the description box below
all right so real simple you want to put everything in the bowl and when I say
simple I mean simple but everything in the bowl – your seed and your garnish
everything else goes in the bowl we’re gonna get a whisk whisk it together then
we don’t go to the pan this is just another way for you to see
it so you know this is for the beginners and I’m gonna help you order
confidential you can see it very very easy listen that oil right there as what
gives it that texture I suppose it won’t help you thicken up also hey this right
now I’m telling you guys hands down this is the recipe and the whole time if I’m
doing this voice over right now you know what I’m thinking about you guys I’m
thinking about the creamy mac and cheese with this on top but I got a treat for
you guys just stay with me you know what I’m in transition right now just stay
with me I got rise with you guys when they cover that
magazine now obviously you see that I’m using the
cast iron skillet you want to go ahead and I like to preheat mine that’s
approach every dies and by me using that induction top right there if you notice
one that it changes their view you’ll see that the heating element element
comes up in the middle and it’ll boil from the middle first
but idea preheat my skillet and that was just it that’s just the best that’s a
pro check for everybody so what you just saw is I’ve dropped two tablespoons in
of that butter and then I went ahead and this is the softer whisk together now
you can do it two ways I’d do it this way you know what I was taught to go
ahead and cook that down first and then do it but I find her I find it better
that if you do it this way you know what it spreads a little bit more evenly and
you can see as it’s starting to cook it and start thickening up you can tell by
the bubbles and again I just used a shaker of the sweet Smokey Joe’s Creole
kick I use that but that’s part of the two tablespoons that we set aside to do
it you’ll also see that I’ll go ahead and bring the bowl over there and use my
fingers and we don’t just like sprinkle it on your like make it look like like
I’m a chef or something like that so listen here’s the key you don’t want
to overcook it we’re doing this on medium high heat so
you want to just go about three minutes it really depends man you got a look at
them and then look to make sure that they don’t overcook in the way you can
tell is you’ll see they’re starting to curl up once they started curling up
then I flipped them over but we don’t want to overcook it because we all know
overcooked shrimp tastes like I guess almost like you’re chewing on a tire
rubber time so again you know what you do if you want to repeat and hit it you
know with the some more Creole kick right there and then right now put the
garnish on what you didn’t see me do is after I flipped it from the heat from
the skillet I went ahead and turned it off and just let it settle that way and
finish this way with the cooking and garnish and then it was time to take a
thumbnail there you go folks it’s super easy I can’t say it enough
you’ve got to try that Creole garlic butter shrimp boom so tell
me what you think about that they’re super easy to do you know what it’s all
inspired by this by sweet Smokey Joe’s look I’m gonna go ahead and put this up
right here this has been the backbone between
behind all of my shrimp videos here this right here this is the truth I
take you guys go ahead look in the description box below and then I’m gonna
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