alright guys today we’re gonna be taking
a look at an oil and butter combo from crushers creations so stay tuned through
the intro what’s up my name is Doug V bearded outdoorsman welcome to another
video if you enjoy beard product reviews gear reviews and gear tips and you’ve
come to the right place today we’re gonna be taking a look at an oil and
butter combo from crushers creations now if you’re in the beard community even if
you haven’t tried crushers you’ve heard of crushers creations now it was founded
in 2018 out of Vance Bern North Carolina by Brian and crystal now that is their
logo that is as Brian pretty awesome label and logos so I purchased this
combo I decided I’ve heard so much hype about crushers that I had to get on
board and give it a try so I picked up the oil and butter combo in sinful so
that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today I’ve been using this stuff for
actually over a week my normal testing is seven days I used this stuff over a
week and that’s what we’re going to talk about so sinful according to crushers
sinful is a perfect balance of warm cinnamon and a smooth bourbon with notes
of apple whiskey and smoke so there their oil comes in a one ounce amber
glass dropper top bottle you can see the description of the scent profile there
their logo and over here we’ve got ingredients and made in the USA so the
ingredients only oil jojoba oil sweet almond oil grapeseed oil castor oil hemp
seed oil essential oil and fragrance blend so that’s the oil now you heard
what I said was the description so out of bottle shake here out of bottle I get
the Apple I get the Bourbon I get a touch of that
cinnamon I don’t really get the smoke I don’t really get the whiskey now when
you take this I’ll do a little bit so we’re gonna get a little bit of that
butter in hand – to me it’s a more of a medium consistency oil than than light
but it’s still kind of on that light to medium warm this stuff up and it gets
complex all those scents just meshed together I get that cinnamon up front
when I hope when I warm it up I get that cinnamon up front so if you’re not a fan
of cinnamon then you may not like this but it doesn’t stay the cinnamon doesn’t
stay long the cinnamons there but then the other stuff packs a punch and it
comes in really good now the scent duration on the oil was every bit of six
hours now when I when I included the the ball or the butter with that I got an
all day all day scent and you saw I just put in two drops and my hands are not
greasy not oily nothing in beard it’s soaked it in it absorbed it really well
my beard loved crushers oil it was just amazing
I used this oil excuse me I use this all by itself and and in
conjunction with the butter either way loved it did really well so let’s talk
about the butter so the butter comes in this big old tub 2.5 ounce tub of butter
and ingredients on the butter it’s a hobo oil grapeseed oil sweet almond oil
castor oil beeswax shea butter kokum butter coconut oil and lanolin so it
does have that beeswax in there but it comes in a plastic screw top tub and you
can see it’s kind of an off-white color and when I got it and melted just a
little bit so I was able to use all that off the top
sin on this is exactly the same as the oil no difference whatsoever it is
perfect so we’re gonna get just a little bit here and I’ll show you like it is
just super super smooth that’s with my fingernail now probably if the light
will allow me just pull that in with just my fingertip so we’re gonna do just
a little bit here and I’ll show you how this stuff emulsifies it’s already
starting to melt this stuff will melt just from and it’s
pretty cool out here and it’s just melting just with the body of my finger
I mean that is super smooth and smells just like just like the oil no
difference in my opinion whatsoever and this stuff hydrated really really well
when I put the ball the butter in at night the next morning can run a comb
through my beard no problem whatsoever when I put it in during the day I had
zero problems with not tangles anything like that it was perfect and hang
because I got a little more but it still leaves my hands feeling hydrated you
didn’t have to wait is not such a strong scent this isn’t one of those scents
that I have a problem with in my opinion it wasn’t one of those scents that I had
to like if I was doing the butter for a nighttime routine I didn’t have to put
the butter in and wait 30 minutes before I could go to bed I could put it in hop
in the bed and I was good to go smelt really really good I put a little
bit extra butter than needed when I go to bed just so I know that it’ll hydrate
all night but it felt really good in beard it hydrated so well there’s a not
much hold to it I mean it’s a really creamy butter I don’t really say there’s
any hole to it but I didn’t have a huge problem with flyways when I would use
the oil and the butter during the day for the first probably three to four
hours everything was pretty much locked in place and it was really well so
definitely definitely recommend checking out crushers definitely recommend
checking out sinful this is a very complex scent once you warm it up now in
bottle like I said you can pick up you can pick up each of those different
notes in bottle but when you put it and warm it up and put it in beard it
becomes a whole new ball game so definitely check out crushers I’ll drop
link in the description below for crushers and sinful so you can check
that out the combo that I purchased was the oil
and the butter that was $30 for the combo so get over check them out I’ll
drop a link in the description for the oil by itself the butter by itself and
the combo so you can get over and check out crushers but again highly
recommended if you have not tried crushers creations you’re missing out
get over there if nothing else pick up some butter cuz it’s probably some of
the creamiest butter I’ve found so far but go ahead and get you a combo alright
guys well that is it for today hope you enjoyed this make sure to hit
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already and until next time stay bearded get outdoors and god bless