Heghineh Cooking Show – Cured Meat Recipe – Basturma Recipe This cured meat (basturma) or as we call it in Armenian: Ապուխտ (apukht) may be the most popular and well known Armenian appetizer. We make it on regular basis, but mostly it’s made before the New Year. Cured meat ( basturma) is one of the “must” appetizers for our New Year table. The entire process of making this kind of cured meat is very simple, and takes from 7-10 days overall. However, I know that many take up to a month to make this delicious appetizer, depending on temperature and methods they’d use to cure it. The most important thing is to make your cured meat with the fresh , never frozen meat, preferably the fillet steak part, that will guarantee that basturma will turn out tender tasty and easy to bite on. I’ll go ahead and share my simple method of making cured meat ( basturma) and hope you will try and enjoy it!