Namaskar I am Nisha Madhulika and today we will make Dahi Paneer bread roll We can eat it for the breakfast, evening
snacks or serve it during the party. Everyone enjoy having it Come, let us start the cooking Firstly, we will make its stuffing We will mix all the ingredients in a bowl We are using a 1/2 cup of hung curd We tied and hung a cup of
fresh curd in a cotton cloth for 2 hours. The water has extracted from it The thick curd has remained in the cloth Add it in the bowl We are using 50 gm of cottage cheese We will add it after crumbling in the bowl The combination of curd and
cottage cheese is tastier to eat Cottage cheese helps to balance the sourness of curd They both help each other for enhancing the taste Add a finely chopped capsicum Add 2 finely chopped baby corn Add a finely chopped carrot Add 2 tablespoons of finely
chopped green coriander Add 1 to 2 finely chopped green chillies Add a 1/2 inch of finely chopped ginger Add 1/4 teaspoon of coarsely ground black pepper Add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt Mix all the ingredients well You can replace the veggies with cabbage or sweet corn. You can even decrease the quantity
of veggies according to your taste The stuffing is ready We are using 10 bread slices to make the bread roll We will chop their edges Remove the dark edges from all sides We will chop all the bread slices likewise We can use the remaining edges
as snacks after frying them. You can make their crumbs too. You can break and use them to make bread Poha Now, we will make bread roll Preheat oil in a wok Add some water in a plate Lift a slice, dip it in the water and remove it Place it between both of your palms and press it remove the extra water. Remove bread from the water instantly Do not soak it for the longer period Otherwise, it will split It will make the roll making procedure difficult Place some stuffing on the bread slice 1 to 2 teaspoons Fold it to make its roll As shown Press and make the roll by pressing between your palms You can make it easily without facing any kind of difficulty Give it an even shape You can fold it into your desired shape So we made the roll Place it on a plate Prepare all the bread rolls likewise We made all the rolls The oil has heated well Add it to fry in the wok We will flip and fry it till it appears golden brown to us They have become rightly golden brown We will drain them out Use strainer to drain them. Stop it on the corner of wok so
that extra oil moves back in it Place it on the tissue paper because it will help to absorb the remaining oil Fry all the bread roll likewise We cooked all the bread rolls 4 minutes were acquired to fry the single round of bread roll. The Dahi Paneer bread roll is ready to be served It is tastier to eat It is crispier from outside and softer from inside Preparing it is an easier process You can serve it with green
coriander dip, tomato sauce, sweet tamarind
dip or any desired dip. So you cook it and eat it Share your experience on We will meet again along with a new recipe Do subscribe to my channel