Nailed it. Fist bump baby. Do you feed all your workers this shit everyday! Uh…yes? I can’t eat fucking popcorn anymore! Steamed corn? We have to do something! Like what? I don’t know! Go beg for money! Greetings viewers, my name is Dude Bro and you’re watching Daily Bake, Kickstarter special. Oh yeah…I love it right there ba… We’ve all heard the rags to riches story of the socially awkward techy stereotype that shot a horrendously cliché video on a crowdfunding site and somehow raised millions. I’m of course talking about Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that states its mission as helping to bring creative projects to life. Kickstarter has singlehandedly revolutionized traditional avenues of investment byconnecting individual backers with passionate projects such as technology, films, food, games, art, design, and the world’s largest jockstrap. As a person to person system, Kickstarter allows creators to get funded while bypassing all the sticky details of share agreements and contracts. Just make the product and provide a reward to backers! Kickstarter has to date, 2.5billion dollars pledged to 110,000 successfully funded projects. Kickstarter is a melting pot for innovation. On May, 2012, Pebble Technology released an E-Watch that can download apps from your Android or iPhone. It alerts users of incoming calls, emails, heart rate and many more. Sound familiar? Well this baby paved the way for the Apple Watch, released a full 3 years later. Jump started with a pledge of more than $10mn, Pebble came back with Pebble Time, which raised another whopping $20mn. Not too shabby for a no strings attached investment. Another testament to the Kickstarter awesomeness is Oculus Rift. The goofy snorkel goggles that did VR way before VR was considered cool! They made their debut on Kickstarter on 2012, raised $2.5mn, and were purchased by Facebook in 2014 for $2bn. They are the beacon of future entertainment, elevating games, movies and our Friday nights to a whole new level. Whether it be a film adaptation of oddly addicting teen-flicks Detention? Me? I think not Mr.Clemens. Bizarre oddities like grilled cheese sandwiches that look like jesus, a pie that looks like pi, meat smelling soap and a poop themed card came, Kickstarter proves that with creativity and a sense of humor, anyone can go the distance. Unfortunately its not always peaches and butterflies in Kickstarter-world. We’ve had a company promise us a mini-lightsaber razor that removes hairs with no burn. It raised $4million, but with no actual working prototype, Kickstarter pulled the project and refunded everyone. The company did the only logical thing left to do. They re-launched on Indiegogo and collected a cool $500,000. Still no word on a prototype though. Another mothership failure, Zano, pitched a dream gadget that melted the hearts of all adolescent-minded adults when they proposed an adorable baby drone. It scored around $3mn, and was a smashing success. Until people tried to fly them. A flying drone that’s shitty at flying. Kickstarter had to mop up the mess again. Despite a few setbacks, kickstarter is the number one crowdfunding platform out there. It’s a true example of a public-benefit corporation. The future of Kickstarter will be tied to its ability to showcase novel concepts that are yet to meet the world at large. So we at Daily Bake introduce to you, the next game-changing project that all you lovely backers should look into. ME! I mean us. Daily Bake is the world’s first 3D animated news platform that brings you news re-baked just to your liking. We want to make sure you never have to feel stupid about anything ever again, minus any intense effort of course. Never before has news ever been so animated and animation ever so real! Serviced on Facebook and YouTube, we have already brought you a feature-length US election special and an introductory pilot in but one month. Plus our weekly updates of hilarious newscard articles! So, we actually have made our products, unlike other dudes that still are working on their prototypes. Unfortunately, Kickstarter requires the creators to say a few words, so, bare with us. Hi Kickstarter, we are Glincon, the team that brings you Daily Bake. Apart from the usual batch of rewards, we’ve envisioned you, our audience, to be part of the production experience of Daily Bake. Our vision behind Daily Bake is simple. First, make the 3D animation medium more approachable. As we can only encounter quality 3D animation on an annual basis in cinematic features created by Pixar or Dreamworks, we wanted to create a more readily available, frequently updated content. Plus we thought it’d be fun to see 3D animation, formerly limited to cheesy children’s stories, swear and make dirty jokes on-screen. Secondly, we wanted to utilize the most engaging yet informational genre available. That’s why we decided to repackage world news, and bring it to you in a more comic and satirical form of expression. News makes you feel smart. So we wanted to be the first to rework dull information through the characteristic immersion of 3D animation. Using these guys. We have the team, we have the expertise and we’ve already made and released some of the content. We need extra funding to purchase equipment and hire more staff workers to speed up the creation process and bump up imaging quality. Right now we can manage an episode a month. Depending on the amount of help we can raise, we can get this interval down to three weeks, two weeks, maybe even a week! Every support helps us get closer to bringing Dude, Summer, the macarons, and their other friends to the world. Big ambitions, but why the low goal? Are we trying to stab you in the back? Tempting, but it’s because every pledge shaves a day off from the release of our next episode. Your support will improve working conditions for the Macarons, and our weather caster summer. So to close, this has been Daily Bake’s gorgeous anchor Dude Bro, wishing you a sweet baked month. Good bye. Boss. I quit. Don’t call me again. Ever. Quit my part time job. You gonna be ok? Kickstarter’s got my back.