So if you’re going to think about going sugar-free,
you need some help because it’s really tough and there is temptation everywhere. I’m telling
you, if I have a tin of biscuits in my kitchen, it starts with me breaking one in half, or
probably even then in quarters, and putting the quarter in my mouth. Then the other three
quarters of that biscuit are talking to me for the rest of the day. Don’t have it in
the house. If it’s not there, none of you can eat it. It’s five weeks TO sugar free.
Now in the back is a programme – it’s five weeks long and it helps ween you off sugar.
When you can get rid of that habit, and that’s all it is, it’s a habit, it’s so free-ing.
A friend of mine just said to me, in fact, I’ve made the chocolate brownies and I’ve
brought some with me, do you want some? And I was like hmm, not really. That is amazing.
I never thought I’d feel like that. Ever. How am I going to be able to go out on my
bicycle without a sugary energy drink? How am going to pep myself up when I’m tired if
I can’t have that bag of sweets. Actually, sugar will give you a short, sharp burst of
energy. But then it will also give you a much worse plunge and the plummet will have you
searching out those unhealthy choices. Processed food is where you’re going to find so many
hidden sugars. I mean if you look at those labels, sugar comes under many different guises.
Lots of the low fat foods that we’ve been turning to in recent years because everyone’s
been going on about fat are full of sugar. So try and cook from scratch, if you can. Click here to have a look at the live web chat I did for Mumsnet answering all your
questions about getting fit and going sugar free and click over here to subscribe to the
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