Time to work on our smoked salmon canapes.
Now, I’ve seen these canapes done where they were on very crispy rye bread that had clearly
gone into the oven to become almost cracker-like, and it was so awkward to eat, because you
bit into it and sort of half the salmon slid off and half of–anyways, it was a mess. So
I’ve decided that what I really like is what they call European bread at my grocery store,
and it’s this grainy texture, and it’s sort of, strong enough of a bread that it can hold
the salmon and yet it’s not as crispy as a cracker, so you don’t have trouble eating
it. So I’m just using a little cookie cutter, and I find that I can usually get at least
two, but sometimes if I position it properly, three rounds out of this. See how it just
comes out really cleanly like that, and then you can discard of those scraps. Do a few
more here. Little bit of effort, but its well worth it so that your guests don’t have a
hard time with your appetizers. And what I’m going to do is spread some creme fraiche on
each canape. Now creme fraiche, I mean, look at the texture of this. It is, it’s like a
sour cream but it has a bacterial culture in it and it’s much, it’s not as thick, and
it’s got this velvety texture that you just don’t get with–sort of the more gelatinous
sour creams. So I’m just going to take some of this wonderful creme fraiche, spread quite
generously, on each canape. Just a little bit of salmon that we’ll put on top of each.
And what goes so well with salmon is some dill, so I’m just going to get–unfortunately,
the dill is not in season at the moment, so you can just shake a little dry dill on top
there. And now, we’re ready to get the smoked salmon and then drape it on top of each little